Why managed services and why Spectrumwise

Technology is one of the most slippery variables of any small- to medium-sized business’s budget. It advances at a breakneck speed, and sometimes you feel as though you’re spending more time trying to get it working than you are doing business. Although hiring a full-time IT employee might seem like the quickest and cheapest way to overcome these hurdles, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We propose an alternate route. Partner with us and our dedicated team of technology specialists for a fixed monthly rate to get all the technical support you need, without the costly burden of an in-house IT department. The amateur comparison is to liken Spectrumwise to an insurance salesman for your network, but our Managed Services plan offers far more than the safety net of break/fix contracts from years past. Sure, we guarantee as much uptime as possible, but we also promise to revise and upgrade your IT solutions.

Cutting-edge technology

The Internet of Things? Virtualized Networks? Machine Learning!? Staying ahead of the technology curve can be difficult even if you work in the industry. Musicians who spend their entire careers focusing on one instrument are going to be better equipped than ones who try to master them all, and hiring one or two IT employees for your entire organization is no different than asking them to write an orchestra — and play every instrument.

Conversely, a partnership with the Spectrumwise team grants you access to a diverse range of consultants who possess a variety of experiences and niche capabilities. During the technology assessment stage of our onboarding process, each member of our team will provide insight into what opportunities lie within your business model for technology improvements.

Better security

CyberAttackers are becoming so advanced that even your phone lines are at risk of malicious attacks. If an in-house staff is going to be overwhelmed just trying to keep up with the latest technologies, how can you expect them to keep you protected? As your managed services provider, Spectrumwise can govern the security of your network, your data, and your business operations with a holistic approach.

Protection from us doesn’t just mean endpoint protocols like antivirus and firewalls; it means we treat every facet of your organization like a potential vulnerability. We have access to technology that provides enterprise-level security at a small-business level. For example, your mission-critical information is backed up and redundant at our off-site locations, putting the kibosh on data loss — regardless of whether the cause is a natural disaster or a mischievous hacker.

24/7 support

Sometimes it feels as though our business IT is waiting, like a deer on the side of an unlit road, to jump out and stop us dead in our tracks at the worst possible time. Just by partnering with Spectrumwise, your organization can completely eliminate the stresses of after-hour bugs and glitches. With our round-the-clock monitoring, issues can be detected and debugged before you’re even aware they took place!

While we’re quick to point out our readiness to assist, it’s worth noting that we also take proactive steps to stop issues from ever reaching this stage. From Intrusion Prevention Systems to vulnerability-based detection strategies, it saves you a lot of stress and us a lot of time if your network is proactively bulletproofed before there’s an attack.


Now, we were raised never to discuss politics, religion, or money in polite company — but it’s pretty difficult to avoid this last one. Managed Services from our team are delivered with a flat monthly fee and zero long-term obligation. You get unlimited on-demand service in addition to the cost-savings associated with providing your team with reliable, modernized technology solutions.

Not too long ago, managing your company network was as straightforward as installing Windows security updates, making sure your software licenses were current, and purchasing new workstation hardware. Unfortunately, advances in technology are a double-edged sword, and with almost limitless computing power and data storage comes a complex maze of administrative and security concerns. A Managed Services plan from Spectrumwise scoops all these technology troubles, from the mundane to the extreme, into a neat outsourced pile for us to fix and improve upon.

We’ve been in the business for more than 15 years. Over the years, we’ve evolved with the industry and maintained coveted partnerships with some of the most respected and influential vendors around. If you’re in the market for an affordable and trustworthy solution to managing and improving your IT, get in touch with us today.


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