What are the business benefits of material requirement planning?

Any manufacturer will tell you that getting materials on time is crucial within the supply chain. Missed delivery schedules for materials or incorrect amount of supplies could mean expensive disasters for production. To keep production on schedule and to ensure materials availability, manufacturers have developed a management approach called materials requirement planning (MRP).

Also known as a production planning and inventory management system, MRP is a demand-driven planning and scheduling system for ordering materials at the right time.

4 Ways modern technology is transforming the legal sector

Recent years have seen a profound technological transformation across businesses of every sector, law included. In fact, the very nature of information routinely handled by practices has made the legal sector subject to much scrutiny. At the same time, clients are becoming accustomed to managing their legal matters online, whether it’s a do-it-yourself divorce, applying for immigration status, or seeking compensation.

5 Tips for streamlining your network infrastructure to improve productivity

Having a reliable internet connection is every bit as important for small businesses as a company phone line or electricity. Now that most companies are heavily reliant on their technology, an unexpected network outage can leave your staff with nothing to do, customers being unable to reach you, and a long list of other operational problems.

5 tips for a productive home office

If you think the idea of working from home sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Since the advent of the Internet, many business owners are open to the adoption of telecommuting, a strategy that allows their employees to work remotely in order to save commuting costs and time while increasing productivity. But of […]

Do.com: enjoy more productive meetings

Is there anything worse than an unproductive meeting? The feeling of those minutes and even hours slipping by you as you sit ‘brainstorming’ with co-workers, only to leave the room with a big fat nothing. The frustrating part is that, when run effectively, meetings can result in great ideas, and can add huge value to […]