Improve business resilience with these 3 IT tools

COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home orders have challenged the way businesses have traditionally operated. Suddenly, many companies had to adopt remote working arrangements and make other adjustments in order to stay operational. While lockdowns are already slowly being lifted, our experience of the pandemic highlights a very important lesson: organizations must make changes to build their resilience.

6 Effective ways to avoid overworking

Overworking causes people a great amount of stress and anxiety. This, in turn, can lead to an array of medical and mental health problems, and in worst-case scenarios, even death.

And the COVID-19 pandemic is largely seen as an aggravating factor. For many companies, the pandemic didn’t result in a reduction of work; it simply upended the way many employees work, resulting in undue stress.

How crucial is an operations manager to an organization?

There are many key roles in a company but none more so than that of managing people and workflows. And among this group is a role with a seemingly overwhelming set of responsibilities — the operations manager, sometimes known as a chief operating officer (COO). Let’s clarify what an operations manager does and how important they are to a business’s expansion.