Smooth Transition

We'll have your new technology solution up and running fast - and keep it running smoothly - so your business is never interrupted by IT problems.

Do you ever ask yourself questions like these regarding changing IT companies?

Could anyone ever know my network like my current IT guy?

Thanks to comprehensive IT solutions from Microsoft and other leaders in technology, we'll be able to understand the ins and outs of your network within hours of getting started.

When my old IT guy leaves, will there be a delay before Spectrumwise begins managing our network?

Our services will start immediately after your IT guy leaves, and we can start even earlier at your request, giving you overlap during your service transition.

How disruptive would it be to my staff to change computer companies?

Disruption to your business and your staff will be minimal, because Spectrumwise's IT solutions are quick and easy to implement and designed to reduce downtime. Click here to see our simple, 10 step transition process.

Our old computer guy still has all of our passwords - can he access my system after changing to Spectrumwise?

After you make the switch, unauthorized access to your network and systems will be eliminated, because we'll immediately change all of your passwords and secure any back doors into your network.

Click here to see how easy making the switch can be, with our simple 10 Step Transition Process.

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