Email Archiving

The smart way to protect and preserve email

Your business relies on email each and every day, but ensuring your email is both protected and easily accessible can be a challenge. With Email Archiving from Spectrumwise, all of your inbound, outbound and internal email messages are archived in secure, geographically distributed datacenters. That means searching, referencing and retrieving your email has never been safer or simpler.

Through our partnership with Postini, Spectrumwise delivers email archiving you can set and forget, bringing your business unmatched security, greater compliance and easier search capabilities.

Email Archiving from Spectrumwise is a hosted email solution, which means you get all the benefits of 24/7 email security and archiving with nothing to install, manage or maintain.

Email Archiving services from Spectrumwise give you the power to:

  • Improve organization - with simple archiving and search capabilities
  • Stay compliant - meet regulations with advanced data encryption and protection from online threats
  • Focus on your business - we manage and maintain Postini behind the scenes, so you don’t have to
  • Utilize Google Apps - solutions for encryption, email and archiving at your fingertips

Simplify your business.

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