The SpectrumWise 7-Layer Approach to Network Security

As the threat of data breaches continues to rise, businesses no longer have the option to go without a comprehensive security solution. Your cybersecurity strategy needs to be an ongoing and constantly evolving process that always stays one step ahead of new and unexpected threats. The Spectrumwise solution, for both our clients and ourselves, is a seven-layer approach to cybersecurity.

#1. Information Security Policies

Every cybersecurity strategy should start with a rigid set of policies that define the rules your employees must abide by to prevent data breaches and other security-related issues. Employing strategies to prevent human errors reassures customers that their personal and financial data aren’t just beholden to technology, but also being safeguarded by people who care. A security policy should define the purpose, scope and objective of staff trainings, as well as more technical points (access controls, data classifications, security best practices, etc.).

#2. Physical Security

With today’s focus shifting toward the 1s and 0s of cybersecurity, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good old-fashioned locks on the doors. Our seven-step plan also defines a set of security standards concerning the physical protection of your networked devices. This involves everything from locking server racks to defining which company devices may leave the premises and under which rules they may do so.

#3. Secure Networks and Systems

Your network infrastructure needs to be built from the ground up with security in mind, so the third layer of our strategy involves taking measures to maintain and monitor your systems. This process involves checking your network traffic logs, responding to suspicious network access in real time, and updating your settings whenever new threats present themselves. We can also help you protect your network with powerful firewalls, VPNs and other security routines.

#4. Vulnerability Programs

Securing your networks and systems is simply the beginning of an ongoing process, and the next step involves a bit of routine house cleaning. New vulnerabilities present themselves both as attackers discover them, and as your infrastructure becomes outdated. The solution is to regularly audit and update your systems to keep software up-to-date. That includes everything from antimalware and antispam software to their most current operating systems. New vulnerabilities appear daily, so it’s crucial that your security routines never take a vacation.

#5. Access Control Measures

In layer #1 we address the human factor by training your employees how to recognize suspicious links and downloads. Layer #5 also pertains to the human factor in that it focuses on setting stringent access control measures. Purposeful and accidental sharing of confidential information is a huge concern, and this layer involves regulating who can access various data types, enforcing fool-proof password policies, as well as establishing authentication processes that require both a password and a secondary identification (like a text sent to an employee’s phone).

#6. Data Backup and Protection

No matter how cutting-edge your cybersecurity routine is, there is always a chance of something going wrong. Although we take every step to protect your network from attackers or natural disasters, it’s important to have something to fall back on. Our data-backup systems ensure that all your data is archived at regular intervals and copied over to off-site locations. Although our backup solutions try to circumvent human error by automating most of the process, our technicians regularly test your data to double-check that it is there whenever you need it.

#7. Ongoing Monitoring and Testing

Even the best cybersecurity solutions in the world are practically useless if you’re not checking in on them. The final layer of our network security approach involves ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure you’re always kept in the loop. We take care of all of this for you by constantly testing both on-site and off-site systems for weak spots. If we notice any gaps, we’ll recommend solutions to address them and send you alerts whenever we see something fishy going on.

Our seven-layer approach to network security protects your company’s systems and data so that you can focus on the core areas that drive your business forward. If you are looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that scales with the needs of your company, contact us today.


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