Referral Program

Refer business to Spectrumwise and reap rewards!

When you refer another business to Spectrumwise, our team will be sure to show our gratitude. Our customers are businesses with at least five workstations and one server. For every potential customer you refer that becomes a client, Spectrumwise will reward you with a Visa gift card.

Our Referral Promise

When you refer a potential client to Spectrumwise, we give you our heartfelt thanks. We view this as the highest form of flattery and pledge to take care of any friend or colleague you send our way.

We are more than happy to set up a phone call or meeting with your referral, but leave it up to them to further pursue our services – so you don’t have to worry about us hounding them.

Should we find that your referral and our company don’t make a good match, we are more than willing to make additional referrals to help them meet their business challenges.

As always, we promise to do what is best for our clients, and will never recommend IT they don’t really want or need.

The Benefits of a partnership with Spectrumwise

Reduce Downtime - We understand that your computer system is a necessary tool in getting your job done, so we’ll ensure that tool is available to help you work more efficiently and enjoy more free time.

Help Desk Calls - If you don’t have an in-house IT department, we will act as your first line of technical support; if you do have staff in-house, our help desk allows them to concentrate on bigger projects and company goals, instead of minor issues.

Protection from Viruses & Spyware - We control these threats at all levels, including your email, servers and workstations in order to prevent infections and eliminate the threat of identity theft.

Eliminate SPAM - Did you know that more than 90% of all email is SPAM? That’s why we filter it from your incoming mail to reduce downtime and the risk of infection.

Standardizing the Support Process - Streamline the support process with standardized network documentation, which allows us to quickly solve your problems and stop recurring problems for good.

Extend the Life of your Computers - Our automated maintenance and stringent network security can extend the useful life of our business computers, saving you money and preventing breaches.

Routine Maintenance - This keeps your computers running optimally and helps us to spot any potential problems before they become big issues that lead to costly downtime.

Network Cabling - A solid cabling strategy is the foundation of any well-run network. Without it, your network can become impossible to manage.”

Our Typical Customer Profile

Company Size: We work with businesses from 5 to 125 workstations in size.

Our customers want:

  • reliable computer systems
  • a responsive computer company that returns phone calls and emails promptly
  • to take a proactive approach toward computer and network support
  • computer problems fixed fast so users can get back to business
  • greater value from their investments in technology

Business Types we Support:

  • Accounting & Financial
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Non-Profits & Associations
  • Real Estate
  • Your Information

  • Referred Company Information