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Keep creative focus and log more billable hours with reliable IT

Keep focus on your clients and billable hours. SpectrumWise understands the technology tools your businesses needs to thrive

If your computer network operates “on a wing and a prayer,” frequent downtime means lost productivity, missed deadlines, and crippling costs. For every minute your team isn’t productive, you lose billable hours and revenue.
Your firm faces unique technology challenges: architects need 24×7 access to their computer tools, CAD and design software must be properly integrated to offer maximum speed and reliability, and your firm’s network must maintain uptime.
Think of SpectrumWise as your firm’s in-house IT department, at a fraction of the cost. Plus, tech support for your staff is always a phone call away.

Here's how SpectrumWise can help:


Rely on IT solutions that let you focus on patient care, instead of broken technology


Increase security and billable hours by ensuring system availability and uptime


Count on rapid response to problems and access to systems both in the office and on the plant floor


Increase efficiency in the office and productivity in the field

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