Business Phone Systems Charlotte NC (VoIP)

High-definition calls enabled by our cost-effective, cloud-based business phone systems in Charlotte NC

VoIP phone systems save businesses a substantial amount in telecom expenses. But to make the most out of this cutting-edge technology, they have to know how to properly maintain, manage, and support their business phone system. This includes making sure the systems are always online and providing the best Quality of Service (QoS) to their employees and clients.
SpectrumWise offers enterprise-level VoIP solutions and remote management service for an affordable monthly fee. Features include web portal management and voice mobility so your team’s business communications and collaborations with colleagues are seamless.

With VoIP solutions from SpectrumWise, you get:


IT Consulting

Expert IT advice from seasoned consultants


Advanced security measures to ward off hackers

Cloud Services

Secure, online access to files for remote collaboration


Virtualized environment to free up resources

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