Network Security Audit

Comprehensive evaluation of your compliance requirements and security measures

Business owners tend to put IT on the back burner. Most assume that they have nothing to worry about because their technology seems to be working fine. But optimal operations don’t necessarily translate to a fully secure business.
Neglecting crucial aspects, such as updated security defenses and regulatory compliance, can leave your IT infrastructure susceptible to cyberattacks. By getting SpectrumWise’s FREE Network Security Audit, we will spot network gaps and recommend ways to resolve them before hackers take advantage.

SpectrumWise’s Network Security Audit service will examine:

Your Network

Your Internet

Your Cabling

Other areas


Managed Services

Nonstop system monitoring to reduce disruptions

Business Continuity Planning

Proven protocols for swift disaster recovery


Over-the-internet phone systems for better quality calls

IT Consulting

Expert IT advice from seasoned consultants

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