Vulnerability/Penetration Testing

Find and eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals

No matter how robust and up to date your security solutions are, there is always a chance that there is a blind spot that is waiting to be found and exploited. SpectrumWise helps you find these security exploits first by using the latest hacking techniques and tools to simulate an attack on your existing defenses and see what gets through.
Our Vulnerability/Penetration Testing services empower our cybersecurity experts to pinpoint and patch up the weak links in your defenses, curbing your risks of crippling data breaches and other devastating attacks. We will perform these tests regularly and deliver our findings to give you a clear picture of your security posture, enabling you to plan your next reinforcement solutions effectively.

Our Penetration/Vulnerability Testing services cover the following areas:



Cutting-edge cybersecurity defenses to protect your servers from all kinds of malware

Network Security Audit

Comprehensive evaluation of your compliance requirements and security measures

Security Awareness Training

Extensive programs to equip your team with the right mindset and tools to thwart cyberattacks
State-of-the-art filtering programs that block spam and phishing attempts

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