Cybersecurity Charlotte NC

Premier Cyber Protection For Your Charlotte Business

Cybersecurity and Network Security Services in Charlotte NC and all areas of North and South Carolina

Cutting-edge cybersecurity defenses to protect your business from all kinds of malware

Underestimating cyberthreats and neglecting to implement or update your security measures can put your company at serious risk, especially since your customers expect you to conduct secure transactions. Luckily, SpectrumWise’s Cybersecurity solutions keep you safe from malware and help you maintain your clients’ trust.

Our IT security specialists implement top-grade firewalls and anti-malware solutions in addition to constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure for suspicious activities. We conduct security assessments regulary and patch up security loopholes immediately. This includes conducting penetration tests and simulated phishing attacks to check for security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

With SpectrumWise Cybersecurity experts, you get:


Cloud Services

Secure, online access to files for remote collaboration


Virtualized environment to free up resources

Email/Spam Protection

Content-filtering programs to keep emails confidential

Microsoft Office 365

Feature-rich apps so you can work on the go