Email/Spam Protection

State-of-the-art filtering programs that block spam and phishing attempts

Email systems are crucial for office collaboration and communication. They are also a treasure trove for hackers, which is why you must have the proper defenses in place. Otherwise, you’re leaving your business at risk of spam messages, phishing scams, and other email-based attacks.
SpectrumWise’s Email/Spam Protection service ensures your inbox is scanned for questionable messages. Typically, these are fraudulent emails or spam messages that deceive your team into sharing confidential information. Furthermore, our programs quarantine risky emails that are found to contain malware.

With Email/Spam Protection service from SpectrumWise, you get:


Microsoft Office 365

Feature-rich apps so you can work on the go

Server Setup and Support

24/7 server assistance for quick issue resolution

Security Awareness Training

Employee coaching to increase malware familiarity

Network Security Audit

Thorough network assessment to ensure total security

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