Does Your Business Have the Tools Needed to Support a Mobile Workforce?

Modern technology has enabled businesses of all sizes to overcome the limitations enforced by geographical distances and boundaries. Those days of being stuck all day every day in front of a computer in a soulless cubicle farm are, fortunately, long behind us.

Instead, the combination of the internet and mobile technology has changed the way we work and enabled unprecedented freedom in the workplace by allowing people to work from home and on the move. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the rise of mobile technology is as revolutionary as the introduction of computers in the first place.

Despite the undisputable advantages of workforce mobility, many companies are still reluctant to adopt this radical new approach. After all, with every new technology comes a new set of security and implementation challenges.

To make sure you’re ready to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of workforce mobility, you’ll need to make a fundamental changes to your company’s technology infrastructure.

How Cloud Enablement Facilitates Mobility

Back in the days when internet speeds were restricted to painfully slow dialup or ISDN connections, companies had no choice but to rely on their own on-premises computing infrastructure. Maintaining expensive data centers was a necessity for any organization that relied on technology.

Thankfully, recent years have seen enormous improvements in this area.

Due to faster internet connections and the proliferation of distributed computing across all industries, businesses of all sizes can now take advantage of the cloud. By migrating to a hosted IT environment, it’s now possible to access everyday business applications and the computing power needed to run them using nothing more than a browser and a barebones computer.

Cloud enablement offers countless advantages, especially to small businesses that simply can’t afford to maintain their own on-site data centers. However, easily one of the greatest advantages is the vastly improved accessibility it offers. By accessing business apps and data through a browser, employees can work anywhere using any internet-enabled device.

Unlimited Communication with Voice over IP

A company’s success is heavily dependent on its communications infrastructure. Having employees glued to a desk throughout the working day while they wait for a phone call is hardly the most efficient use of their time. Fortunately, internet-based telephony changes all that.

By migrating to a hosted VoIP service, companies can eliminate their dependence on landlines for good while also enjoying many other advantages, such as integrated coaching tools, call routing, automated help desk and more.

Hosted VoIP solutions enable complete mobility, since they operate independently of your office and your existing communications infrastructure. Simply by using your VoIP app and connecting to the corporate account, employees will be able to make and receive phone calls no matter where they are.

Also, thanks to call-routing, you can also have calls automatically rerouted from desk phones to mobile phones when employees are out of the office.

Keeping Your Data Secure

While mobile technology offers great flexibility, it also introduces some important security challenges you will need to prepare for. By their very nature, devices like smartphones and tablets have a habit of getting lost or stolen, and that means it’s crucial to take some extra steps to secure your business apps and data.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to implement the mobile security measures necessary to protect your business. Mobile device management (MDM) platforms provide a centralized way for administrators to monitor and manage business data and app usage while also providing an easy way to enforce your security policies.

SpectrumWise provides everything your business needs to build an IT infrastructure that takes care of itself. Call us today if you’re looking for worry-free technology solutions that keep your business moving forward.


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