How does IT consulting improve your business’s performance?

The ugly truth is that succeeding in today’s market is almost impossible without reliable technology. As much as some business owners prefer to take a DIY approach or rely on hourly contractors, they need a team of IT professionals who know the ins and outs of tech.

But choose wisely. Hiring the wrong support provider could lower productivity and leave you paying for services that aren’t aligned with your business objectives.

Fortunately, managed IT services providers (MSPs) like Spectrumwise remedy that. Aside from worry-free IT support, we also offer top-notch IT consulting services for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Rock Hill.

It’s hard for SMBs to justify in-house IT consultants, but that doesn’t mean the benefits are out of reach. Bringing in an outside consultant is a cost-effective way to increase technology efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

What’s the role of an IT consultant?

An IT consultant’s role is to offer strategic technical expertise that leads to big-picture recommendations, optimizations, and long-term plans. Think of an IT consultant like an army general, directing company resources to the areas that will yield the most valuable wins.

Here are the top three reasons organizations may require the services of IT consultants:

#1 To save costs and free up in-house resources

For most small companies with limited budgets, an in-house IT department or 1-2 full-time experts is not an efficient use of resources.

A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) gives you the option to pay on a per-project basis or at a much lower rate for consulting. In most cases, cost-cutting recommendations from vCIOs actually pay for themselves. It may even free up enough money to hire a another full-time IT technician.

#2 Develop new strategies and fresh perspectives

By partnering with an MSP for IT consulting, you’ll have a team of experts determining the best courses of action for implementing technology strategies that align with your business’s objectives.

If your in-house IT department is overwhelmed, it’s likely something will be overlooked, forgotten, or misunderstood. The right IT consultants can present alternatives and provide outsiders’ views into how your company’s technology can be improved.

#3 Enhance data security and minimize risks

It’s almost impossible for one person to keep up with every development in the cybersecurity and compliance fields. Businesses with IT consultants don’t need to spend as much time on these issues because they are notified when new issues arise that affect their network.

IT consultants minimize security risks by identifying network vulnerabilities, risky workflows, and noncompliant employees. Then, a reputable IT consultancy can recommend solutions, processes, and technologies that protect your data from risks and threats like malware.

It’s important to choose a consultant that is well-versed in both big-picture strategies and day-to-day IT maintenance. A simple misconfiguration could leave you vulnerable to attackers and you need someone with a keen eye who won’t miss anything. Basic tasks that need improvement such as updating software/hardware can be easily pinpointed with the help of IT consultants.

What to look for in an IT consultant

Every consulting firm will have its own approach to improving business technology, but it should always follow this basic process:

  • Recognize the requirements and scope of the client’s business
  • Uncover and analyze potential issues
  • Recommend actionable solutions with short- and long-term plans

IT consulting determines the needs of your business and the tools needed to meet those. Look for a consultant with industry certifications and successful case studies and put them to work identifying and installing game-changing solutions.

IT consulting should never be limited to infrastructure and technical support and must include strategies for achieving company-wide success. Call us now and ask for a no-obligation IT consultation from us at Spectrumwise.


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