What is an MSP and can it help improve your business?

What is a managed services provider (MSP)? One way to think of them is from the vantage point of a client of managed services. The MSP takes care of the setup, installation, and configuration of the client’s IT equipment. The MSP configures this equipment to best practices, provides ongoing patching and monitoring, consolidates configurations for best security perspective, fine-tunes settings for performance, and dynamically changes configurations to meet business needs.

However one looks at it, MSPs commonly supply a variety of services to support enterprise IT infrastructure, the backbone of most businesses nowadays. These include:

  • Bandwidth allocation
  • Collaboration and file sharing
  • Data center services
  • Help desk support
  • Secure messaging and email
  • Remote firewall administration
  • Infrastructure management and security
  • VoIP and unified communications

In short, it can improve your business by providing technology solutions that help achieve its business goals. Here’s more.

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They are experts who can optimize your IT

Optimizing your network infrastructure, applications, and disaster recovery strategy requires a lot of IT experts under one roof, something a small business can’t typically afford. When a business partners with an MSP, the latter provides experts in network infrastructure, applications, disaster recovery strategy, and other IT specialties.

They provide cutting-edge technology

An MSP ensures your software and hardware are constantly updated with the latest patches, freeing your team of the stress of keeping your IT system in tip-top shape.

An MSP also provides cutting-edge solutions that will greatly simplify and improve your business productivity. Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) and Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), for instance, give a small company access to better hardware without the need for capital investment. These allow companies to ditch outdated equipment and acquire newer hardware by paying an operational expense or a monthly fee to the MSP.

They provide security and compliance

These two are quite difficult to manage, especially for small businesses. The security threat landscape is constantly evolving; companies and their data are the prime targets of cybercriminals on a daily basis. And compliance regulations, especially on data privacy and security, are notoriously tough, complex, and extensive.

As specialists in these areas, your MSP experts will make sure that your systems are protected with strict measures to keep your critical data safe and are also industry-compliant to prevent hefty penalties.

They provide predictable IT expenses

Software investments, hardware maintenance, and security can be sources of ballooning or unexpected costs; these are especially frustrating for any small business with a tight budget. But with an MSP’s pricing structure, no longer will your company have to contend with unpredictable IT costs due to equipment failure or unexpected and urgent software needs. An MSP covers these unpredictabilities with a fixed monthly fee, keeping your invoices consistent and under budget.

They provide customized solutions

For an MSP, the client’s business needs and goals are priorities. Therefore, they customize IT solutions to be relevant, optimized, and truly effective. For example, they can help you manage bandwidth costs by providing a network solution that doesn’t use more costly connection pathways.

They can do the same for existing IT infrastructure. Even aging equipment and software are optimized so you can get the most out of your investments and avoid needless replacements.

Customized solutions also mean tailored services. You receive the benefits of IT outsourcing on your terms. Partnering with an MSP doesn’t mean you need to turn over your entire IT operations to them. You can pick and choose the solutions you need that fit your budget.

Experience the business benefits of partnering with an MSP for yourself. Learn more about managed services today. Spectrumwise is a leader in providing cost-efficient technology solutions for small businesses. We’re ready to talk with you. Contact us today.


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