3 Essential technology upgrades for your business

Holding on to obsolete technology is likely hindering your business from expanding, achieving greater productivity, and reducing costs.

Some businesses refuse to upgrade their technology because of budget constraints, but you don’t have to make huge investments to maximize technology. A reliable managed services provider (MSP) like Spectrumwise can upgrade your technology or scale it back according to your budget.

Consider these three upgrades transforming businesses today.

Unified communications

Unified communications (UC) replaces several disparate communication tools, crisscrossing lines and cables, and clunky hardware with one clutter-free and versatile platform. It integrates several communication services such as instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, and mobile communications into one system compatible with all existing business communication tools such as mobile devices, PCs, and legacy phones.

With unified communications, you only have to deal with a single provider who can cover all your business communication needs, as opposed to dealing with several communication vendors. Other benefits include:

  • Optimized processes, as opposed to having multiple communication services that add complexity, duplicate tasks, and waste time.
  • Easy access to a wide variety of different communication tools from one dashboard.
  • Unlimited mobility that allows team members to be productive even when away from the office.
  • Fewer third-party applications, which also reduces security threats.
  • Reduced hands-on management and maintenance of multiple applications.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology involves the outsourcing of data storage and processing power to a specialist with resilient capacity. For businesses, this means employees can instantly access data, software, and other computing resources over the internet from anywhere and continue to focus on the goals of the company.

The cloud allows businesses to tailor solutions to meet unique requirements. Businesses that demand better productivity can benefit from cloud services that allow real-time sharing and collaboration for remote teams. On the other hand, businesses looking for a low-cost entry into business analytics can leverage the cloud’s massive processing at a radically low cost. Here are some other well-touted benefits you should consider:

  • Relief from having to do your own software and hardware maintenance
  • Elimination of the need to invest in in-house IT upgrades
  • Ability to rapidly scale computing power and bandwidth as the business expands or to deal with spikes in customer demand, without sacrificing services to existing customers
  • Easier compliance with GDPR and other regulations
  • Access to a wide variety of cloud services such as top-tier data security protocols, business processes, monitoring services, data collating services, and communication services
  • Stronger protection from unexpected disasters and system outages when data is in the cloud
  • Flexibility in managing cloud-stored data and applications to and from in-house servers

Business process automation

Human error costs businesses billions of dollars. Fortunately, automation technologies can diminish these errors to almost zero.

Where employees experience fatigue, stress, and sickness leading to mistakes, automation can do tasks with accuracy and precision. Manual tasks done by employees can simply be replicated and then repeated by software with no loss in quality. By automating many processes such as documentation, finance management, email, feedback generation, document approval, data management, payroll, and systems checks, your business can be more efficient and more productive.

Thinking of investing in automation? Here are just a few benefits that may convince you:

  • Reduced excess labor costs and faster turnaround times
  • Simplified communication thanks to automated workflows
  • Elimination of paper-based file management and manual data entry
  • Automatic data indexing and management, allowing you to comply with industry best practices
  • Efficient tracking of document actions, so that processing steps are never missed and documents are never misplaced
  • Better customer care due to automated customer data retrieval

At Spectrumwise, we provide our clients with affordable, expert advice to improve your processes through industry best practices and cutting-edge IT. By partnering with us, every technology decision is in line with a personalized strategy that meets your growth projections, budget, and business directives. Call us today to start.


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