Business benefits of remote maintenance and monitoring

Most managed services providers (MSP) offer remote monitoring and management (RMM), an essential service that involves the use of tools that monitor and manage networks and computers to improve efficiencies and increase revenues.

RMM tools allow MSPs to remotely monitor and gather information to assess the condition of networks and computers, even if they are scattered across a continent. This frees your IT staff from mundane tasks and allows them to focus on more important ones. Here are other reasons why your business should consider RMM.

Faster customer service

MSPs are able to manage computer systems and fix urgent network issues because of RMM tools. By using software called “agents,” MSPs can proactively monitor your IT infrastructure to address potential threats and issues before they disrupt operations and cause panic to your customers.

Huge cost savings

RMM allows your MSP partner to gain insights into your IT and discover the causes of issues such as slower-than-usual programs or downtime events. With RMM solutions, you’re better prepared against recurring issues, saving thousands of dollars in the long term.

Brand reputation protection

IT problems lead to downtime, which adversely affects not only your productivity but your brand as well. Interruptions to your operations diminish the quality of the services you provide. When your customers are unhappy, they may leave your brand for the competitor and worse, share their bad experience with an average of 15 people.

You can bet that United Airlines wished they knew about RMM. When their flights were grounded due to a computer outage in 2015, outraged customers went to social media and attacks on their brand spread like wildfire. RMM will not only prevent the causes of downtime from affecting your systems, but ultimately protect your brand’s reputation.

In addition, RMM allows technicians to address issues in your IT infrastructure remotely by running scripts and creating automated workflows. Since they don’t have to be physically present to repair and optimize your systems, your business can save a great deal on travel and other related expenses.

What’s more, performing IT systems maintenance can cause costly disruptions too. RMM eliminates these disruptions by performing maintenance in the background and automating tasks such as installing security patches. Employees can continue to work unimpeded and focused.

Improved security

One data breach can be all that it takes for a business to shut its doors. But even businesses that survive a data breach may not be so lucky. According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach report, it costs an average of $3.92 million to cover damages.

MSPs provide businesses with a range of security solutions that protect them from various threats. They also use RMM to run real-time security assessments of every security touchpoint like antivirus, security patches, and passwords. An MSP can also identify weak spots and test security systems to quickly identify gaps.

Better business insights

RMM tools can generate a variety of useful reports on network activity, asset inventory, compliance, and the value of IT support. This is especially helpful for business managers and key stakeholders in making strategic decisions that will affect the future of the business.

For instance, RMM will help an organization turn data about its infrastructure into summaries that board members who are not programmers or IT technicians can understand. This will allow them to stay on top of IT issues, needs, and capabilities and develop better IT strategies to expand the business.

With tools like RMM, SpectrumWise helps businesses accomplish more with no strings attached, no excuses, and no sneaky add-on fees. Learn more about what our services can do for your enterprise. Talk to us today.


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