Why cloud computing is the hidden backbone of everyday life

In subtle but powerful ways, cloud computing is impacting our everyday lives. We scroll through social media, listen to music on streaming platforms, and log in to our work apps from home. As we keep interacting with these technologies, they learn more about our behavior, enabling them to give customized recommendations based on our user history. Video-on-demand apps, for example, store and analyze user data in order to suggest programs that match a particular user’s taste.

But more than catering to individual preferences, cloud technology is shaping collective experiences. Here are some ways it has become an indispensable part of our society.

Making education more accessible

While the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed education systems the world over to implement modes of delivery that require cloud computing resources, the technology is not a novel concept in the education sector.

Even before the pandemic hit, academic institutions have already been using cloud technology to empower teachers, students, and staff to access data anytime and anywhere. The Learning Management System (LMS), for instance, is a cloud-based platform that stores and tracks information such as course requirements, learning plans, and academic reports. Various educational sites also host shareable or downloadable educational materials.

What’s more, most schools are not new to using computing technologies that automate enrollment, attendance, and billing processes to save on time and costs.

Affecting social change

Cloud technology has broken down barriers to information sharing. Facebook and Youtube can spread the news from remote locations across the four corners of the world. They can also make videos viral, as in the case of the #trashtag challenge, which encouraged people to post pictures of places before and after they were cleaned up. This is just one example of how cloud-powered platforms can facilitate change.

Social causes can also be amplified through different online channels. Protests by minority groups — which are often not picked up by mainstream media — can be broadcast far and wide through live news feeds on the internet. Through cloud-powered technology, people with very little social power can make their voices heard.

Building connections

Reconnecting with old friends, finding long lost family, and reaching out to people who share similar interests have never been easier with social media networks. With just a few clicks, you can pull up information on people and niche groups from cloud-based databases. Smart algorithms also filter out search results, giving you the most relevant information to your query.

Public figures like musicians and politicians are also using their personal accounts to connect with their followers, most notably on Twitter. Conversely, Twitter users often use their collective social media power to trend a notable message or stand on political issues.

Improving healthcare processes

With the help of cloud computing, interoperability has become a breeze. Irrespective of its point of origin or storage, patient data stored in the cloud is now accessible across departments or even healthcare facilities. This enables healthcare providers to easily look up patient information or history, allowing them to focus on diagnosis and treatment while ensuring that no process is unnecessarily repeated.

On top of this, cloud-based data analytics allows healthcare providers to gain critical patient insights that they can readily share with important stakeholders — or even with health experts across the globe.

Telemedicine is also proving its benefits during the pandemic. By providing access to health-related services and information through electronic information and telecommunication technologies, telemedicine empowers citizens to connect to health experts without having to leave their home.

Helping businesses grow

Lower costs, scalability, better security, and faster recovery are just some of the reasons to take your business to the cloud. By taking advantage of cloud technologies, you can leverage social media to reach wider audiences, utilize data analytics tools to create effective marketing campaigns, or deploy automated services to improve customer experience.

Take your business to the next level by investing in the cloud. SpectrumWise offers customized and scalable cloud services that increase mobility and reduce expenses. Find out more by calling us at 704-703-9578. You can also send us a message today.


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