How to keep your employees focused after the holidays

The holidays offer a much-needed respite during which employees can relax and forget about work for a few days. Unfortunately, this wonderful time of the year has come to an end. Employees had to return to reality and deal with a mountain of backlogs and an inbox swamped with emails.

Getting into work mode after weeks of relaxation can be difficult for some employees and they may not be productive right away. Managing a group of people who feel unmotivated or overwhelmed is quite a challenge, so here are some tips on how you can keep your team focused at work after the holidays.

Make sure you’re on the same page

Your staff balance multiple and various projects, and they are likely to have different priorities when they get back to work after their vacation. Different priorities can cause delays and conflicts, so it’s critical that you sit down as a team and evaluate the status of every project on your deck to ensure that everyone’s priorities are in sync. Doing so also prevents bottlenecks. A video call meeting at the start of the year is a great way to catch up with your team while realigning short term and long term goals.

Facilitate teamwork

With an increased workload at the beginning of the year, employees tend to focus on their individual tasks and lose sight of team goals. Review role assignments and remind your employees how each role connects to other roles. Understanding how individual tasks contribute to the success of the team is vital to a harmonious work relationship and ensures that everyone carries their own weight within the team. Find connections between tasks and encourage everyone to collaborate with each other as much as possible.

Lead by example

Be alert, responsive, and enthusiastic. Doing so can encourage your team to match your energy. Conversely, going about your tasks without urgency or gusto can give your team the impression that it’s all right to procrastinate.

That said, don’t overwork, as your staff may go overboard trying to keep up with you. By setting the pace just right, you can nudge your team to work harder while avoiding creating a toxic environment.

Don’t be too negative about productivity dips

Expect that there will be productivity dips, as your team may need time to readjust their mind and body before they can fully get back in the zone. Their coffee breaks may take longer, or they may spend more time than necessary to chat with their colleagues. Don’t be too harsh on your staff, as these seemingly unimportant tasks are all part of re-establishing the work routine that they discarded during the holiday season.

While it’s wise to adjust timelines to accommodate your team’s slower pace, it’s even wiser to set a concrete, achievable goal to help your team focus. Try challenging them to achieve a daily measurable goal, such as reading all emails by the end of the day, to keep them on their feet

Allow your team to slack a bit, but tackle issues before they escalate. If you notice that someone isn’t turning in work on time or is delivering subpar work, talk to them before the issue causes disruption or conflict.

Have reliable technology

On top of post-holiday blues, faulty technology can prevent employees from achieving peak productivity. Gaining momentum is near impossible when an app always crashes or a device keeps breaking down. Slow internet speeds can also turn Zoom conferences into a nightmare.

Ensure that your team is equipped with reliable tools by partnering with a trusted business technology specialist like SpectrumWise. SpectumWise is a managed services provider (MSP) that provides exceptional IT services, data security solutions, business phone systems, and a host of other services that will allow your team to work optimally without technology hiccups.

When your workforce has the right IT tools they need to get things done, they can focus on their work and do their tasks more efficiently, enabling them to get out of the post-holiday slump faster. Schedule a FREE system assessment with SpectrumWise today.


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