The top 5 signs you should switch to a new MSP

Partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) enables a business to enjoy a suite of benefits, including predictable budgets, reduced IT costs, effortless scalability, and enterprise-grade cybersecurity. But not all MSPs can deliver on their promises. If you experience the following inconveniences with your technology provider, it may be time to find a new one.

1. Recurring issues

A reliable MSP uses comprehensive monitoring systems to proactively detect and resolve problems before these can disrupt your operations. Every issue is filed into an incident database that allows IT experts to fix the concern right away and note specific steps that will prevent it from occurring again.

Reoccurrences of the same problems such as failed backups or server crashes are telltale signs that your MSP doesn’t track issues correctly, or that they only use a temporary solution to fix a problem. Find an IT partner who detects issues before you do, gets to the root cause of a problem instead of deploying band-aid solutions, and takes measures to ensure that issues don’t recur.

2. Slow response times

MSPs usually categorize requests for support according to impact and severity. Whether your concern falls under critical or low priority, you should, at the very least, get a confirmation that your ticket was received. If you have to check-in on your ticket’s status before you hear from your MSP, then it’s time to switch to a provider that has quicker response times and gives regular updates.

Communication is critical; it shows the MSP’s level of dedication to your business. Even if your MSP isn’t able to resolve your issue immediately, a representative should contact you and give you information regarding when your concern can be addressed.

3. Lack of transparency

Your MSP should be able to explain what services they’re providing your business and how your organization is benefitting from such services. They should also be clear about what’s covered under your contract and what entails additional costs. This complete transparency ensures that there are no charges on your invoice that are not accounted for.

If you’re receiving inflated and unanticipated bills from your MSP, reconsider partnering instead with one that offers predictable IT spending. Here at SpectrumWise, we only charge you for a flat monthly rate with no hidden charges. Our offerings are also scalable, so you can stabilize your expenditures according to your needs.

4. Consistent upselling

A good MSP takes time to get to know your business so that they can align your business needs with the right technology solutions. They may also recommend products or services that will make your operations more efficient or secure. There’s nothing wrong with being proactive; however, if your MSP wants you to try new products and services that don’t solve critical problems, it’s likely that they just want you to shell out more money.

Evaluate every recommendation that your MSP makes, and ask them how the investment will pay off. Any provider that has a solid basis for recommending a service or a product can answer this question easily and use relevant data to support their proposal. If your MSP constantly tries to upsell without considering what your firm actually needs, better switch to a new provider.

5. No growth

You need an MSP that can keep up with your evolving business needs. If your IT partner still offers the same tech from five years ago when you first signed with them, then they’re not providing you with innovative or cutting-edge solutions that your business needs to stay competitive.

In contrast, a good MSP provider identifies legacy IT that hinders productivity and company growth, and recommends advanced solutions. The best providers even offer IT consulting services, thus helping you create a customized roadmap that will allow you to make strategic decisions that maximize your IT investment.

You deserve a managed IT services provider that can provide you with modern, reliable, and personalized IT solutions. SpectrumWise offers a range of scalable services that will improve your processes and protect your systems — all for a fixed monthly price. Learn more about how we can help your business get ahead of the competition. Download our free eBook now.


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