Ways nonprofit organizations leverage IT

Over the years, technology has increasingly become crucial to the success of modern nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, some nonprofits cut corners when it comes to their IT infrastructure due to the lack of operating funds. What they fail to realize is that investing in IT can actually help them operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

In this blog post, we will discuss some ways nonprofits use technology to further their missions.

Raising awareness

Nonprofit organizations are now utilizing various platforms, such as websites, social media, email, and SMS to launch awareness campaigns about their initiatives and social issues related to their causes. This allows them to reach a wider audience and engage with more potential supporters. For example, the Make-A-Wish Foundation publishes videos of children having their wishes fulfilled on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, while Wings of Rescue posts updates of their rescue animals on Instagram.

Organizing and managing volunteers

Volunteer management software like VolunteerHub and GivePulse makes it easy for nonprofits to engage, recruit, and manage volunteers. They can use it to set up online sign-ups for events, track the number of people who volunteered, and communicate with those volunteers. On the day of the event, volunteers can also use the software’s mobile app or virtual kiosk to check in and inform the event organizers of their arrival.

Collecting donations and managing donors

Thanks to advancements in technology, nonprofits can now more easily and efficiently collect donations. With online donation platforms like Donorbox and Donately, people can make one-time or recurring donations with just a few clicks.

Some nonprofits opt to collect donations using donor management software like Bloomerang. Such software also has other features that enable nonprofit organizations to:

  • Store donor information, such as their contact details, donated amounts, and correspondences with them
  • Send personalized thank-you notes, newsletters, and other messages to donors
  • Analyze and extract insights on donor giving patterns and other behavior
  • Track the use of donations and create accurate reports for donors

By using donor management software, nonprofits can easily cultivate relationships with their donors and provide timely donation reports.

Managing finances

Some nonprofits use accounting software like QuickBooks to manage their finances. This type of software lets them track expenses, create invoices, and generate financial reports so they can make more informed decisions about how to allocate their funds.

Centralizing data storage and improving team collaboration

Nonprofits commonly struggle with preventing data silos from forming since their data comes from multiple sources, such as their different teams, consultants, contractors, and practitioners on the field, among others. Data silos keep stakeholders from integrating all available information and getting an accurate full picture of the entire organization. This can lead to flawed decision-making and erroneous donor reporting, which can damage donor relationships and end funding. Moreover, data silos compartmentalize teams and prevent them from collaborating.
Fortunately, nonprofits can leverage the cloud to affordably store all their data in one place. This enables them to easily access and share work files among different teams. To foster team communication and collaboration and improve project management, they can use many cloud-based tools, such as:

These solutions can help employees easily collaborate wherever they are, even while some are doing fieldwork.

Streamlining board activities

Nonprofit board management software like BoardEffect and Directorpoint helps board members collaborate and make informed decisions by allowing them to:

  • Schedule meetings and easily collect RSVPs to ensure a quorum when necessary
  • Create, track, and approve agendas, minutes, and resolutions
  • Store and access meeting minutes, attendance records, poll results, strategic plans, policies, and other board documents
  • Set up committees and add members
  • Track the performance of officers and committees

Because of your organization’s growing reliance on technology, you need an experienced partner that will always look after your IT network. With SpectrumWise at your side, you will be equipped with all the IT tools you need to further your mission. Schedule a consultation with us today.


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