Must-have IT solutions for law firms

Standing out amongst the numerous law firms in Charlotte can be challenging. Fortunately, you can leverage technology to differentiate your firm from competitors, as well as boost productivity and profits. Here are some essential IT solutions you need to consider:
Document management program
The practice of law involves a lot of paperwork.

How to best use popular social media platforms to grow your business

Policies that limit operating capacity and encourage social distancing pose a threat to North Carolina businesses that rely on traditional marketing methods, like word of mouth and distribution of flyers. If your business is one of those bound to be affected by the new normal, keep in mind that every modern business problem calls for a modern business solution.

What every business owner should know about corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Imagine that Company A and Company B were sold similar products in Charlotte, North Carolina, but Company A donated a part of its sales to environmental causes and Company B did not. There’s a bigger chance that customers would choose the former. After all, picking Company A demonstrates ethical behavior, and buying their products benefits the environment.