8 Tactics to boost security against data breaches

Today, a data breach can be a business’s worst nightmare. The average cost of a data breach even for small businesses is $3.92 million. Incidents have become all too common, especially in healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, as sensitive data from these industries have become appealing targets for cybercriminals.

How does the GDPR affect your sales team?

Data security remains a hot topic among enterprises across all industries. This is because many companies still need consumers’ personal data to improve customer experience and tailor ads to their preferences. However, customer information has become more susceptible to data breaches and other unethical use cases.

Why Antivirus-Only Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough

Cybersecurity used to be relatively simple. However, long gone are the times when the only way to get your computer infected with malware was to run a malicious program. As the stakes get higher every year, cybercriminals are getting smarter, using everything from zero-day malware to advanced social engineering tactics.

Why Every Business Needs Email Encryption

According to data released by Ponemon Institute in 2014, 60% of companies experienced at least one security breach within the preceding two years, with cases costing businesses an average of $201 per stolen record. Yet, despite these alarming statistics, many businesses still take their IT resources for granted, particularly when it comes to everyday systems such as email.