Security Awareness Training

Extensive programs to equip your team with the right mindset and tools to thwart cyberattacks

Powerful security defenses can prevent breaches, but if your team falls for hackers’ scams, it won’t matter. However, simply developing and implementing a cybersecurity policy isn’t enough anymore. Security Awareness Training by SpectrumWise goes farther and transforms your weakest link into a solid human firewall.

We have access to the world’s largest collection of security awareness training resources. This includes several interactive modules, games, videos, and newsletters that will convey cybersecurity's significance to your employees and teach them to take more responsibility.

With Security Awareness Training from SpectrumWise, you get:

  • Unlimited use – access our content library of more than 500+ sources
  • New smart groups – create phishing campaigns, remedial learning materials, and training assignments, and receive reports based on user attributes
  • Customized phishing templates – personalize events or use our current templates to develop more direct spear phishing campaigns
  • Simulated files – attach simulated documents in your customized phishing templates, available in Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel formats