Server Setup and Support

Swift server installation and nonstop assistance for minimal operational downtime

Your entire IT infrastructure depends on the reliability of your servers. That’s why our Server Setup and Support service comes with on-site and remote maintenance, as well as remediation solutions. Our technicians work diligently to make sure your servers are working optimally, every second of the day.

You can rest easy knowing issues are addressed in minutes with our round-the-clock support and proactive maintenance. Whether your servers are co-located, cloud-based, or hosted on-site, we make sure you maximize your return on investment.

With Server Setup and Support from SpectrumWise, you get:

  • Increased protection – secure your applications, data, and server from cyberthreats
  • Scalable operations – our solution adjusts or expands with your growing business
  • Better productivity – we implement hardware and software based on your requirements
  • Reduced expenses – pay less hosting space fees and minimize upfront capital spending