Co-Managed IT & Cybersecurity

Lean on the experience of our expert IT engineers to maximize your technology performance while keeping your data safe

Without a wide array of skills combined with years of experience, most IT professionals need some assistance to address all the needs of their organization. Your in-house IT staff can easily get overwhelmed by the changing needs of your growing business, but with SpectrumWise’s Co-Managed IT & Cybersecurity services, they will get exactly the help they need.
You can count on our team of engineers to shoulder a huge burden of complex tasks that your team doesn’t have the capacity to handle. We will also fill in the gaps in your cybersecurity management by working closely with your team to identify and patch security vulnerabilities. With SpectrumWise working by your side, your team will experience peace of mind knowing that a reliable strategic partner is monitoring your IT network and improving your technology performance.

Our Co-Managed IT & Cybersecurity services help you:

Penetration Testing

Find and mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals

Network Security Audit

Comprehensive evaluation of your compliance requirements and security measures

Security Awareness Training

Extensive programs to equip your team with the right mindset and tools to thwart cyberattacks
State-of-the-art filtering programs that block spam and phishing attempts

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