6 VoIP-related cyberthreats your business should know about

As your business grows, your communication costs may skyrocket as well. This may lead you to consider shifting to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. In addition to cost savings, VoIP solutions offer a host of benefits, such as advanced call features and mobility, which are especially beneficial for remote work. The downside is […]

5 Mistakes to avoid when setting up accounting systems

It’s 2020, and the cloud is no longer a new, unexplored technology. With about 88% of businesses harnessing its power to achieve their goals, the cloud has provided organizations of all sizes with a trove of benefits that include lower operating and maintenance costs, free-from-anywhere access, and safer backups. Almost any workflow can now be […]

Why are emails still the number one target for cyberattacks

Email is dangerous because it is one of the most common methods for hackers to attack businesses, yet we continue to use it anyway. In its 2018 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec revealed that 54.6% of all email is spam. It also revealed that the average user gets 16 malicious spam emails every month; that’s […]

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