5 Sure signs that your disaster recovery strategy will fail

Disaster recovery (DR) is an essential part of business continuity, as it enables organizations to restore files and applications from a recent version in case these become compromised. An alarming study by asset management company Mercer found that 51% of businesses worldwide do not have a disaster recovery strategy in case of emergencies or disasters. […]

How crucial is an operations manager to an organization?

There are many key roles in a company but none more so than that of managing people and workflows. And among this group is a role with a seemingly overwhelming set of responsibilities — the operations manager, sometimes known as a chief operating officer (COO). Let’s clarify what an operations manager does and how important […]

Guidelines in evaluating a managed services provider

There are many ways for the technology you use to match and exceed the expanding needs, challenges, and goals of your evolving business. Outsourcing your IT functions by partnering with an IT services expert or managed IT services provider (MSP) has become an exemplary way to do so. At affordable monthly rates, MSPs deliver solutions […]