Technology adoption challenges for law firms and legal departments

Technology has dramatically changed legal work. E-discovery software now does the tasks once handled by new associates, and tools for contract management, document automation, eBilling, IP protection, practice management, risk and compliance, and so on have automated many functions within legal offices. The pressure to adopt these new technologies comes from various fronts: Clients expect […]

5 Reasons your business needs ERP software

Business computing infrastructures are more complex than ever as companies migrate to the cloud and collect data from various sources. IT departments often find themselves overburdened as they try to manage all that data into a single, cohesive environment. Fortunately, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has made this a whole lot easier. ERP is a type […]

Essentials checklist for your business’s disaster recovery plan

Protecting your information technology infrastructure is vital. Your organization can’t afford to be unprepared in the event of disasters such as regional power outages, cyberattacks, or hardware failures. Every minute of downtime can cost thousands of dollars. When disaster strikes, a business’s disaster recovery (DR) plan should minimize negative impacts and ensure business continuity. Its […]