What Brings You Here?

No matter if your IT needs are large or small, the team at SpectrumWise is here to help – with dependable service and support designed to fit your business and your budget.

Are you tired of trying to deal with everything on your own?

Running a business can feel like a juggling act. If you have too much on your plate and simply need a helping hand with technology that gets more and more complicated, we can help.

Have you outgrown or become unhappy with your current computer guy?

Are you having trouble tracking down your IT guy when you need him most? Perhaps his customer service and people skills aren’t really up to par with what you deserve. Or maybe he simply doesn’t have the time, technical skills and knowledge to really help you. Maybe he doesn’t really listen to your business needs to focus technology where you need it most. Does he charge too much and deliver to little? There’s a better way!

Looking to save money by outsourcing your IT?

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to cut costs in your business is to outsource the headache of managing and maintaining your technology in house? If you’re like most small businesses, your resources are limited. We have a reliable IT strategy that will finally fit your budget.

For less than the cost of one IT employee on staff, you get multiple technicians and consultants that know your network personally as well as an entire suite of included tools for monitoring and protecting your valuable business data. All this equates to less downtime and more productivity for you!


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