Network Assessment

Expert diagnosis and recommendations for your computer network

The technology you count on to keep your business running smoothly can often be a hassle, causing costly downtime and endless frustration. But what if your IT problems could easily be fixed - for good?

A Spectrumwise assessment of your network will seek to identify any risk and weaknesses that may be overlooked or ignored by your current IT guy.

When you sign up for a Network Assessment from Spectrumwise, our experts will check these areas of your business technology to find out what may be causing you problems, then make recommendations to help you get back on track.

Your Network

  • Network Hubs/Switches
  • Network Security
  • Network Server Infrastructure
  • Network/Workstation Upgrades
  • Network Anti-Virus Protection
  • Network Applications
  • Network Management Practices
  • Network Layout and Design
  • Network Backup System(s)
  • Network Documentation

Your Internet

  • Internet Security Methodology
  • Internet Bandwidth

Your Cabling

  • Data Cabling
  • Cable Plant Design

Other Areas

  • UPS Power Protection
  • Router/Firewall Configuration
  • Server Room Environment
  • Desktop Configurations

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