10 Step Transition Process

Simplifying your technology transition

At SpectrumWise, we understand that keeping your business running smoothly during the process of changing IT companies is vital to your success. That's why we use this proven, 10 Step Transition Process to make the switch as simple and seamless as possible.

Our stress-free 10 Step Transition Process includes the following steps:

  1. System Assessment – we’ll identify any issues or weak spots with your computer network including hardware, software, configuration and design.
  2. Create a Plan of Action – we work with you to develop a plan to resolve your computer network issues based on your time and budget.
  3. Assign an Expert – both a manager and the necessary number of technicians are put on your project, working as an extension of your business and available at your request.
  4. Meet with your Current IT Guy (optional) – our team will meet with you and your existing IT staff to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.
  5. Secure Your Business – at your request, we’ll change all network access and passwords to ensure your old IT guy can’t access your network.
  6. Install Our Agent – our technicians will install the Spectrumwise Agent software on your office computers to standardize your computer network.
  7. Train Your Staff – we’ll teach your employees how to request help from our team of experts through the Spectrumwise Agent software, email, phone and website.
  8. Implement Your New Solution – we put the plan we created in Step 2 into action, completing any work that requires downtime after hours.
  9. Provide Ongoing Support – our expert Help Desk will be available to respond to any of your staff’s requests.
  10. Manager Meetings – our staff will periodically meet with you to check in on your technology solution and discuss how we can resolve any issues or make room for improvement.

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