Your guide to choosing the right VoIP solutions for your business

Just because you’re a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the many benefits of advanced telephony solutions. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a telecommunications technology that delivers immense cost savings and flexibility for organizations of all sizes.

Over the past 15 years, VoIP has gone from a bleeding-edge solution to one of the most important technologies in business communications. Stats show that U.S. business subscribers have more than doubled from 20.1 million in 2014 to 41.6 million subscribers in 2018.

If your organization is considering adopting VoIP technology, or switching to a better solution, then you need to carefully consider what Charlotte-based managed IT service providers (MSPs) have to offer.

VoIP solutions from Spectrumwise will equip your business with powerful communication tools that are light years ahead of traditional phone systems. Our hosted VoIP solution is guaranteed to save you money on hardware and maintenance costs — regardless of your company’s scope of operations.

Here’s how you can pick the right VoIP solutions for your business and all the many benefits that come with those choices.

VoIP cost considerations

Anytime a business considers a new investment, one thing dominates the conversation: The price tag. What good is a business VoIP service with all the bells and whistles if you can’t afford it? You’re not considering a shiny new toy; you’re choosing an investment that could determine the future of your company.

Some important items included in the total cost for a VoIP solution are basic subscription costs, upgrade and hardware costs (although you can avoid these with “softphones”), and relocation costs. Spectrumwise doesn’t charge setup or installation fees because everything is included in a monthly subscription fee that comes with 24/7 unlimited support.

Service customization

Your employees are probably on the go (at least some of the time), so you’re going to want a VoIP service that travels with them. Another way MSPs add value to your solution is the ability to customize your technology, which is especially important for mobile or remote workers. For example, most VoIP services are equipped to handle call forwarding, which is a handy way to get calls to one number to ring on multiple devices.

The IT provider you choose should be able to customize a laundry list of other VoIP features, such as video conferencing, dial-by-name, and auto attendant. Spectrumwise has spent many years specializing in this technology to provide customization, mobility, accessibility and seamless communication from anywhere with an internet connection.

Call reliability

VoIP systems take advantage of advanced technology to deliver high-definition audio that surpasses that of landline networks. In fact, MSPs can customize your internet connection so VoIP calls take first priority over other bandwidth users.

VoIP features

Of course, you need to weigh all the options before choosing an MSP with the right VoIP solutions. Like any other investment, you must weigh the product’s features based on your needs today and years into the future. For VoIP there are several features that are included in almost every solution:

  • Call recording, forwarding, routing, waiting
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Text messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Presence indicator

Security and support

Most business owners aren’t used to worrying about the privacy of their company’s phone calls, but in today’s world security should be a top priority when choosing any new business technology, and VoIP is no exception. The key to keeping up with security is to ensure your solution is monitored and supported 24/7. That way, it doesn’t matter if there’s a simple misconfiguration or someone is trying to eavesdrop on your calls — the issue will be fixed ASAP.

Fortunately, most MSPs offer round-the-clock support, and Spectrumwise is one of them. Our hosted VoIP deployments are 100% customized solutions that reflect our motto: We are business technology specialists.

Need help transitioning to a VoIP solution? Let Spectrumwise show you how this new business phone system can help you stay more connected, more easily. Our simple setup process will have you making and receiving VoIP calls in minutes. Call us now for more information.


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