The multi-layer security solution for common cyberattacks

2017 was an awful year for cybersecurity. In addition to thousands of ransomware infections caused by WannaCry and its copycats, there were several unprecedented cyberattacks against Uber, Deloitte, and Equifax.

In Charlotte, Mecklenburg County officials say hackers from Iran or Ukraine compromised 48 servers, held them hostage, and demanded $23,000 in a ransom note. It took six weeks to rebuild all 48 servers from the ground up.

These events raise the question: Will 2018 be better or worse than 2017? 69% of organizations don’t believe their antivirus solutions can stop the threats they face. Antivirus is an important component in keeping your computers safe, but it’s not enough by itself. The best way to guarantee your business’s safety online is by having a multi-layered security strategy.

That’s why our experts at Spectrumwise have created a seven-layer security strategy that ensures complete protection of all you’ve worked for. And as a follow-up to our blog article describing that solution, here are some examples of what types of cyberattacks that strategy will protect you from.

#1 Phishing

All hackers need are a few pieces of seemingly unimportant personal information to convince your employees they are someone they’re not. Even low-risk data can be used as a stepping stone for hackers to trick your employees into giving up more sensitive information. You need to prioritize the protection of all your data.

Avoiding a data breach of any size starts with well-trained employees. Our information security policies train your staff and customers on what they need to know — that emotionless machines aren’t the only things protecting company data. The information security layer integrates IT best practices into your company policies and ensures employees follow them with regular tests.

#2 Theft

Many business owners forget that physical access to IT systems poses a threat, such as unlocked server rooms, unmonitored workstations, and improper disposal of hard drives. Physical security breaches are not always an issue with IT personnel but rather the organization’s general security protocols.

The best firewall in the world won’t protect you if your server is easily accessible to an office visitor, or if a reception’s desktop is left unlocked. You need keycard locks, video surveillance, and password-enabled screen savers. As your managed services provider, our physical security layer will encrypt your drives, leverage cloud backups, keep sensitive hardware out of customer hands, hire professionals to dispose of used hardware, and install theft recovery software on mobile devices.

#3 Malware

Malicious software can wreak all sorts of havoc, from taking control of your machine and monitoring your online activity, to secretly sending confidential data to the attacker’s home base.

Obviously, a poorly guarded network is one of the biggest vulnerabilities for small businesses. Once in your network, it doesn’t matter how secure individual computers are; it’s only a matter of time before even a low-skilled hacker could gain access to sensitive information.

Protecting your network requires a firewall, network encryption, and unbreakable passwords. We also believe that 24/7 monitoring is necessary to watch for suspicious activity, which is why we included it in our third layer: Secure Networks & Systems.

#4 VirusesOnce your infrastructure becomes outdated, vulnerabilities show, then attackers discover them. The way to combat this is to regularly keep your software up to date. That includes everything from anti-malware to anti-spam software.

Most antivirus software has services that assist in keeping email accounts and other sensitive information safe. Enhance risk management by letting us maintain your antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, firewalls and application updates.

#5 Social media threats

Corporate hackers love stealing social media passwords that are often reused for corporate accounts. Many of today’s worst hacks started out as simple social media hacking. Don’t underestimate the potential.

Most of what you’ve been told about “great” passwords has been debunked over the last year. Our access controls layer includes unbreakable passwords, multi-factor authentication processes, and user rights management to ensure no one can compromise your accounts.

#6 Ransomware

This malware takes over your computer and denies data access until a ransom is paid. If you have backups, you can wipe your systems and restore the computer to a previous state. Our data-backup systems ensure that all your data is archived at regular intervals and copied over to off-site locations.

#7 “Zero-day” attacks

When a totally new type of cyberattack is released, solutions don’t exist to fight it. That’s why you must regularly test your cybersecurity system to ensure it’s up to date. This is the final layer of our network security approach, and it’s our way of checking both on-site and off-site systems for weak spots.

Spectrumwise offers 7 layers of security as a comprehensive solution for your business. This approach is the only way to keep your business safe from the broad range of possible cyberattacks.

We will provide you with the right tools to build a multi-layered secure infrastructure that is regularly monitored and maintained. Call us now.


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