IT solutions every manufacturing firm should have in 2019

From automotive parts to chemicals, electronics to fabrics, furniture to food, industrial machinery to medical devices, manufacturing firms rely on IT to be productive and profitable. But what specific IT solutions will help manufacturing firms optimize resource management and workflows? Take a look at these must-have applications that managed services providers (MSPs) offer.

Enterprise resource planning

As a manufacturer, you know that growth introduces more complex business processes. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solves these operational challenges and reduces complexities in a number of ways.

First and foremost, it provides a single comprehensive view of the organization or a central database of information to help monitor and coordinate all processes. It integrates all the areas of the manufacturing organization, like materials and inventory, production and scheduling, operations and sales, accounting and finance, and human resources. Additionally, it provides accurate, real-time information that can be accessed and updated by all departments.

ERP software is also a valuable supply chain management tool that provides real-time resource tracking and better inventory control. It can also streamline operations by automating manual tasks, such as invoicing and even data entry,

Many ERP platforms are flexible and can be tailored to fit specific industries. Many are also compatible with most internet-enabled devices, allowing manufacturing staff to respond to real-time issues or changes on the shop floor or the production line.

Order management system

An order management system (OMS) is a program that allows you to monitor and manage demand, transactions, orders, inventory, and supply in a centralized platform. One of its greatest benefits is an accurate and seamless ordering experience for customers.

An OMS automates the ordering process, such as electronic payments or other customer touch points. It accepts orders from customers, gets those orders out the door with as little human input as possible, and helps achieve on-time deliveries. This includes arranging and tracking deliveries through third-party services.

It will also provide accurate data for your customers regarding order status and help efficiently manage product returns and exchanges or address any service or product failures after the order ships.

Customer relationship management

A customer relationship management (CRM) system consolidates information about leads and customers, including all contacts your manufacturing firm markets to, partners with, and even employs. It then helps your company customize marketing and sales strategies based on that data.

CRM data allows you to anticipate customer and market demands efficiently with functions such as alerts for when trends in data emerge or reports on customer behavior. This is a must-have feature since knowing customer demand helps you develop better products and get them to market faster, giving you a leg up on the competition. Having quick access to CRM data also enables customer service representatives to provide faster, more informed responses and gives management valuable insights that improve product quality and production processes

The software is particularly useful for nurturing and converting prospective clients. Your sales representatives can keep track of those potential customers with CRM and keep them interested with ongoing content.

Managed IT services

Managed IT services includes everything you need to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly for a flat monthly fee. This includes various services, such as vendor management, server setup, VOIP, business continuity planning, data backup, cloud services, network security, virtualization, installation, updates, upgrades, and more.

When it comes to IT solutions for manufacturing, MSPs offer flexible leading-edge applications that align with manufacturing needs and goals. They also protect production lines from IT disruptions with expert remote monitoring and emergency response support.

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