The benefits of managed IT services over traditional IT support

Back then, IT support was only sought after something went wrong or was not working as expected, and falling back to paper-based processes was easy. However, the increasing dependence on automated systems, digital databases, and other technologies make many businesses vulnerable to immense losses if they experience major IT issues such as downtime or cyberattacks. Given this, they can no longer afford to wait for problems to arise or their systems to fail before taking action. This is why many of businesses are now shifting to managed IT services.

In this blog, we’ll explore how your company can benefit from partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) over a traditional IT support company.

Proactive IT system maintenance and management

Traditional IT support is also known as break/fix support because of the reactive nature of the process wherein the IT service provider responds only when something is broken.

On the other hand, MSPs are always monitoring their clients’ IT systems to catch vulnerabilities, which they address to prevent issues from escalating or even happening in the first place. When you partner with an MSP, you can expect efficient IT systems because they regularly maintain, update, and streamline these to ensure maximum performance. They also apply the latest patches to plug security gaps. By taking proactive measures, MSPs are able to minimize downtime and help their clients improve productivity.

Guaranteed service levels

Unlike most traditional IT support companies, MSPs offer a service-level agreement (SLA), which is a contract that details the following:

  • Type of IT support: remote support, on-site assistance, or both
  • Response and resolution times
  • Availability: 24/7 or within office hours
  • Corresponding rebates or penalties if they cannot meet their committed service levels
  • Contingency plans

Since most break/fix providers operate without an SLA, there is no guarantee how easy it’ll be to contact them and how fast they’ll be able to resolve your issues. You may wait endlessly for even just a status update.

Predictable and scalable IT costs

The amount you pay traditional IT support companies can vary wildly, depending on their expertise, familiarity with your IT systems, and the number of hours they spend fixing the problem. Typically, they charge $80–145 per hour — this does not include rush fees and after-hours or weekend support to handle emergencies.

The problem with this pricing model is that break/fix providers earn income when you have IT issues, which may lead them to:

  1. Purposely take a long time to resolve the issue so they can charge more
  2. Provide only temporary solutions rather than address the root problem to leave a recurring issue that requires constant fixing

In contrast, MSPs usually charge a flat monthly fee, allowing you to predictably budget for it, unlike with break/fix costs. Since it’s a fixed rate, they have more incentive to provide faster service and long-lasting repairs.

The amount of the fixed fee depends on the number of devices supported, types of IT services provided, and guaranteed service levels. This makes it easy for you to get the exact service you need without paying for more than is necessary. So if your company unexpectedly downsizes and you’ll need fewer devices to support, the fee will also go down. At the same time, you can quickly add more IT services to meet your needs during peak seasons.

Customized IT solutions

Unlike traditional IT support companies, MSPs go beyond just repairs — they take their time to understand your company’s unique needs and goals to provide you with tailored solutions. For example, if your work is data-intensive, they may conduct data backups more frequently to keep your data protected. If you’re having difficulty controlling Internet bandwidth costs, they may suggest a different connectivity solution.

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