6 Ways an MSP can boost your company’s cyber defenses

As a small-business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your company’s data and IT systems. This may have led you to invest in cybersecurity solutions like firewalls and anti-malware software. But are you confident that these security measures are enough to keep your business safe from all types of cyberthreats?

For peace of mind, many businesses turn to managed IT services providers (MSPs) when it comes to cyber defense. Here are six ways an MSP can boost your company’s cybersecurity.

1. Conduct regular risk assessments

An MSP regularly evaluates your company’s technology to determine its current security posture. They identify vulnerabilities and potential threats to your system, assess the potential impact of these, and develop plans to mitigate those risks.

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2. Implement multiple cutting-edge security solutions

When it comes to security, MSPs use multiple security measures, such as:

  • Firewall – monitors and regulates incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules
  • Anti-malware software – detects, isolates, and deletes malicious software (e.g., viruses, Trojans, worms, ransomware) from computers and other devices
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system – monitors the network for suspicious activity to block or contain a potential threat
  • Data encryption – encodes data so that it can only be accessed by individuals who possess the decryption key
  • Web filtering – blocks access to websites that are known to host malware or phishing scams
  • Email protection – uses a combination of security measures, such as filtering known bad IP addresses, using heuristics to identify suspicious emails, and scanning email attachments for malware
  • Multifactor authentication – requires users to provide two or more proofs of their identity (e.g., password, fingerprint scan, one-time PIN) before they can access an account

By layering these security solutions, MSPs can create an effective, comprehensive defense against cyberthreats for their clients.

3. Perform penetration testing

A penetration test involves simulating real-world cyberattacks to see how well a company’s cyber defenses will hold up against such attacks. This allows MSPs to identify vulnerabilities in the system and address these before attackers can exploit them.

4. Monitor network activity 24/7

MSPs conduct round-the-clock network monitoring so they can quickly identify suspicious behavior and mitigate potential threats. Examples of suspicious activities include:

  • Unexplained changes in network performance
  • Sudden increase in malware warnings or pop-up windows
  • Inexplicable user access changes
  • Unexpected file deletions, additions, or replacements
  • Unauthorized port access

5. Immediately apply software updates and patches

Outdated software contains vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit to launch cyberattacks on your business. The problem is that companies often fail to apply software updates and patches right away. MSPs can automate updates and patch management, so you can be confident that your business’s IT systems are always up to date.

6. Train employees on cybersecurity

Despite having the best security measures in place, your organization can still fall victim to cyberattacks since your employees can unintentionally compromise these measures. For instance, they may mistakenly click on a phishing link or download malware onto their work computers.

Despite having the best security measures in place, your organization can still fall victim to cyberattacks since your employees can unintentionally compromise these measures.

To mitigate such risks, an MSP can educate your staff on cybersecurity threats and best practices, as well as your company’s IT security policies and processes. This way, your employees will be better equipped to spot, avoid, and respond to scams or other tactics that attackers commonly use.

When you partner with a reputable MSP like SpectrumWise, you can be sure that your company’s data and IT systems stay safe from even the latest and most sophisticated cyberthreats. Schedule a consultation with us today.


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