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Today’s ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape pushes companies to adopt innovative technologies that boost operational efficiency and drive business growth. In such an evolving market, Spectrumwise provides the well-crafted digital solutions your company needs to modernize its IT environment and stay ahead of the curve.

We undertake day-to-day managed IT services to ensure existing infrastructure is in optimal health, sensitive data remains private, and for a quicker resolution of system interruptions.

Finding the Right Managed IT Service Provider in Concord, NC

According to GlobeNewswire, the managed IT service market size is growing at breakneck speeds and is expected to reach $680.08 Billion by 2030. Such an increase in the need for tech support has led to a surge in IT providers—a simple ‘managed IT service’ Google search is all the proof you need, as it will generate an unending list of international and local MSP providers.

While hiring a global company might seem appealing, choosing a local provider offers invaluable benefits and is often rewarding.

Some of the perks you can expect when you hire IT support concord providers include:

Personal Approach to Managed Services

Providers from your region operate under the same business climate, which gives them an in-depth understanding of your market. As such, they are better positioned to offer personalized solutions that meet your business needs and objectives.

Furthermore, they collaborate with other local IT specialists and often know how to handle any challenges you might face with, for instance, your internet provider.

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Your partner in technology and success.

We’re committed to the following values.


With SpectrumWise, you'll never have to track down your IT guy again; our service plans give you an entire team of technicians that are always there for you.


Our team of technicians are industry experts with proven track records of helping businesses succeed, and our contracts are transparent and flexible.


Rather than billing you for each service hour spent fixing problems, we prevent them from occurring in the first place, and we charge a flat fee for doing it that includes any additional needed service hours.

Smooth Transition

We’ll have your new technology solution up and running fast — and we’ll keep it running smoothly — so your business is never interrupted by IT problems.

Proactive Care

Instead of waiting for your technology to break to make repairs, spectrumwise stops small issues before they affect your business, and we monitor your network remotely.

Rapid Support

In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your computers, our reliable help desk team will be there to fix it as soon as possible, remotely or on site, so you can get back to business fast.

Simplified Budgeting

Our flat-rate support plans mean no more budgeting surprises from IT guys that spend countless hours “fixing” your computer problems to get more money out of your company.

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t require any long-term contracts, so you’re free to start or stop your service with us at any time, because we’re confident that once you start, you’ll want to stick around.

Customer Service

Our customers love to brag about the quality of our work and customer service. Testimonials and customer references are available upon request, just give us a call at 704-286-9714 for your copy!

Partners & Certifications

When you partner with SpectrumWise, you gain the confidence of working with a company that’s backed by world-renowned leaders in technology and products. We hold numerous partnerships and certifications with the following companies:

You are more than a client

Likely, you will physically meet the managed IT services Concord providers you hire. Whether a few blocks or a couple of miles away, they can easily send additional onsite help in case of system malfunctions, unprecedented downtimes, cybersecurity threats, and other emergencies. Unlike national and international MSPs, you will enjoy face-to-face communication, strengthening the partnership.

Besides, the local MSP will get to understand your business processes on a deeper level, which is a desirable perk that positions them to offer solutions that give your company a competitive edge.

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Instant response

Local MSPs offer instant response since you are in the same time zone. As a result, you won’t need to schedule a call or meeting and wait for an answer for prolonged periods, which is the case when you collaborate with people halfway across the world.

While IT support Concord providers are an excellent choice, finding one best suited for your company is the only way to ensure a fruitful partnership.
So, what should be your greatest concern when hiring local IT support?

Quality of service

The whole point of relinquishing all or part of your IT department’s duties is so that you can sit back and concentrate on other mission-critical tasks. For this reason, you need to find a provider that offers high-quality service.

What’s their technical expertise? What qualifications do they have?
Answering these questions helps you evaluate whether the engineers boast the skillset your company needs to advance!

Cybersecurity practices

Research shows that there is one cybersecurity attack every 39 seconds! And with hackers getting more sophisticated by the day, the managed IT support firm you choose must guarantee the safety of your company’s and client’s data.

For starters, an ideal MSP must take the zero-trust approach, set up robust threat detection tools, control access to private data, and practice continuous system monitoring, among other cybersecurity best practices. Working in such protected environments minimizes the chances of a breach and helps mitigate the consequences in case of a hacking attempt.

Track record

It’s essential that you look past your MSP’s visually appealing website and into its track record. Go a step further and read customer reviews. A simple Google search will do, but you can also peruse review sites to see what previous clients say.

Note that it’s almost impossible to find a company that boasts positive reviews only due to the varying customer expectations. However, ensure that the IT support firm you choose has overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Service offerings

MSPs offer a wide range of services, but it’s improbable that you will come across one that offers all the services IT departments need. That’s why you must ensure that the services a potential MSP offers align with your business goals and objectives.

If you are in a highly regulated industry like finance and healthcare, choosing an MSP specializing in your industry is best for compliance reasons.


Managed IT services give you more productivity, for less money
…If you’re ready

Benefits of Working With Spectrumwise for Managed IT Services in Concord

  • Round-the-clock system monitoring and IT support services
  • Proven track record of success that showcases our commitment to improving IT operations
  • Personalized services tailored to align with your business requirements
  • Strong commitment to pursuing innovations, achieving customer satisfaction, and forging fruitful and long-term partnerships
  • Wide range of services and solutions, including Cloud computing, IT consulting, penetration testing, server setup & support, network security audit, cybersecurity, and more
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Spectrumwise's Approach to IT Consulting and Managed IT Services in Concord, NC

  • Regular and transparent communication to keep clients in the know
  • Establishing clear commitment and guaranteeing top-tier services through signing SLAs
  • Emphasis on proactive maintenance and monitoring to catch security breaches and possible system malfunctions before they wreak havoc
  • Taking a people-centric approach to beef up data security through continuous employee training and cybersecurity education
  • Emphasis on the zero-trust model that gives data access to authorized users only
  • Rapid response times and 24/7/365 support to minimize downtime and losses
  • Leveraging innovative technologies to boost the efficiency of business processes

Spectrumwise: Your Reliable IT Support Concord Provider

While there is a host of other managed IT service companies in Concord, NC, Spectrumwise is the partner you need to compete in the digital era. We are keen on emerging technologies and keep up with the latest IT trends to ensure we have the tools and resources to maintain a high-performing IT environment.

Furthermore, we offer personalized and scalable solutions that get you ahead of the curve and ensure business longevity. Customer satisfaction is one of our top company goals, so we quickly handle service requests, communicate transparently and regularly, and put in place the stringiest cybersecurity policies.

With over two decades of experience offering innovative tech solutions, you can rest assured that we will effectively and efficiently manage your IT processes and help you easily navigate the evolving digital world.

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