Why businesses should leverage mobile device management

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives — a fact that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. To stay competitive, businesses need to embrace mobile devices, but not at the expense of their cybersecurity. This is why they also have to invest in mobile device management (MDM). Read also: Data security […]

How IT-related downtime affects your business

Practically every business in Charlotte, North Carolina experiences downtime due to tech malfunctions. But while not having 100% uptime is normal, experiencing recurring interruptions can adversely affect your organization. Here are the most common ways IT-related dowtimes hinder your business from achieving its potential. Productivity dips Because a huge part of your operations — if […]

How to overcome common virtualization challenges at your business

We’ve recently written about the reasons why your business needs virtualization in this blog post. But like everything technology related, a virtual infrastructure is not immune to issues and challenges. However, overcoming virtualization obstacles is well worth the effort, with benefits ranging from increased IT efficiency and affordability to streamlined business continuity and cloud efforts. […]