3 Hi-tech cloud solutions every business should use

If you think cloud technology is too advanced or requires more resources than your company can afford, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Small and mid-sized businesses are rushing to the cloud to save time and money and gain a competitive advantage. The studies all show the same trend.

  • According to a Microsoft SMB Study, 78% of small businesses will have adopted cloud computing by 2020.
  • Morgan Stanley is predicting Microsoft cloud products will make up 30% of Microsoft’s revenue by 2018. Office 365, CRM, and Azure will increase from 11% of revenue in 2015 to 30% in 2018.
  • According to Microsoft, 94% of small businesses report security benefits since moving to the cloud.

We have written dozens of articles about cloud-based features and cost savings, and as small- and medium-sized businesses adopt more cloud solutions, the many benefits and applications of this technology continue to multiply.

It’s time to start thinking about combining all your IT solutions into one cloud strategy so you can enjoy cost savings and better information security.

Here are some of the best cloud solutions for SMBs:

Cloud desktops

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), sometimes referred to as hosted desktops, are fully functional operating systems that users can access from multiple devices. When users log in from a work computer or personal laptop, they see their documents, apps, and even wallpaper. Because all the work is handled by the server, users enjoy more flexibility and business owners can purchase cheaper workstations.

DaaS is usually far too much work for a single in-house technician to handle, but with the efficiencies of the managed services model, SMBs can enjoy a fully supported solution for a flat monthly fee. Managed services providers like Spectrumwise will manage all the technical needs so your team can sit back and enjoy the benefits of DaaS.

Just imagine what it would be like if employees could do the same work they do today, but from dirt-cheap workstations or on personal laptops during off hours.

Cloud phones

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) phones make it possible for non-IT workers to easily and affordably create and update auto-voice attendants, voice-to-email transcriptions, and call forwarding. Cloud-based VoIP systems are the best option for small businesses wanting all the features and functionality, without exceeding their budgets.

VoIP telephones, or cloud-based phone systems don’t rely on cabling, additional wiring because they use the same infrastructure as your internet connection. You’re not connected to a traditional landline phone system, and everything from swapping out hold music to re-assigning extensions can be done from a web browser.

Cloud backups

A cloud backup solution is important for every organization — from Charlotte to Gastonia to Rock Hill — SMBs need a reliable backup and disaster recovery system. The cloud has made older, more expensive and tedious backup technologies mostly obsolete. Not only is backing up your business’s data easier than ever, but it’s also cheaper and usually more reliable.

Cloud backups are also easily scalable, so if your data requirements suddenly jump, then you don’t need to scramble and purchase a lot of new hard disks. You’ll pay only for what you need, and there are virtually no restrictions on how your data is organized or how much storage you have access to.

Despite the acceptance of cloud technology by SMBs, many hesitate to hand over their data to a third party. Managed services providers like Spectrumwise provide certain guarantees in their service level agreements that ensure you enjoy all the efficiency and affordability of the cloud without any of the risks.

From network security services to office moves, each of our solutions is designed to meet the unique needs of your company. If you want an increased market share, more efficiency and a better bottom line, cloud services from Spectrumwise are the answer — call us today.


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