Benefits of a network security assessment

More businesses are relying on the cloud to store their data and applications, but this also exposes them to a raft of cybersecurity risks. The only way to mitigate these risks to conduct regular network security assessments.

A network security assessment is a complete evaluation of your organization’s IT system or infrastructure. It identifies security risks, such as software bugs and hardware misconfigurations that can lead to network intrusions. A security assessment exposes these vulnerabilities in your network so you and your managed services provider (MSP) can quickly address them before hackers exploit them.

By aiding your company in addressing vulnerabilities, an assessment helps protect you from loss of revenue and damage to your brand. The following are other key benefits you can expect.

Improved security

Part of every network security assessment is an in-depth analysis of your network security. It starts with establishing your organization’s specific concerns and goals, then conducting vulnerability scans of your system. It then proceeds to analyze your security policies and processes. And with a full report of findings and recommendations, experts can create a plan of action to fortify your defenses. This way, your security can adapt to changes in your network and to evolving threats.

Unique details of your network

Since each network is different, a network security assessment will include reports that provide very specific details about your network. This will eliminate guesswork in your security strategies. Some of these reports include:

  • Security risk report – an executive-level report that calculates your security risk score. A security risk score has a number of uses, from helping insurance companies evaluate your company’s potential risk to helping a prospective partner determine how risky it will be to share data with your company.
  • Security policy assessment – a detailed review of all security policies in place throughout your IT infrastructure.
  • Share permission reports – presents a comprehensive list of devices, files, and apps each user has access to.
  • External vulnerabilities full detail report – identifies security holes, warnings, and items that need to be addressed to mitigate potential cyberattacks.
  • Anomalous user login activity – highlights potential unauthorized users who log into machines within your network.

Better compliance

A network security assessment includes an analysis of the kind of data your company has and how it flows within your organization. This will ensure that your organization faces no risks of breaking data regulations and legal repercussions from noncompliance.

Budget recommendations

Every network security assessment should help a company improve its security. As such, it will help you identify the right technologies or security tools to do so. Security specialists doing the assessment can also tell you if you are underspending or overspending on network security. They could stop you from spending on security for every server or app if they believe it isn’t necessary.

If you need a detailed understanding of your network and a plan of action to improve its security, there’s no better method than a network security assessment. Look for a trustworthy partner to efficiently conduct one and find problems that your resident IT security specialist may have missed. You’ll need the assistance of an MSP like SpectrumWise.

SpectrumWise protects your company’s systems with an approach to network security customized to your needs. If you are looking for a comprehensive security platform that intimately understands your company’s IT infrastructure, contact us today.


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