Technology trends to watch out for in 2022

Many companies are hoping that the new year will usher in the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even if the crisis ends, consumer behavior and business processes will never be the same. The shared experience of remote working and increasing reliance on digital tools will lead to rapid changes in business technology.

To help you prepare for 2022, SpectrumWise’s IT experts listed down five technology trends they predict will dominate the year.

Growing reliance on and advancement in telehealth services

Wary of getting infected by yet another COVID-19 variant, patients and healthcare workers will continue limiting physical contact and relying on telehealth services. In fact, 2022 will likely be the year when telehealth services will become mainstream. This is coming from the fact that the number of people who used telehealth services jumped from 11% pre-COVID-19 to 40% in 2021. Even underserved communities will turn to telehealth services as broadband connectivity becomes the norm.

Moreover, healthcare providers will increase their IT investments to improve online patient experiences. They will utilize more digital channels, such as smartphones and wearable devices, to get in touch with their patients. They will also tap services that enable contactless delivery of medicines to their patients.

Contactless delivery as the new norm

To minimize physical contact, people will still shop for food, groceries, and other goods using contactless delivery services, such as DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart. In 2022, such services are expected to evolve dramatically as US startups Nuro, Manna, and Starship Technologies leverage robotics and applications powereted by artificial intelligence (AI).

Continued rise in the adoption of hybrid work setups

While vaccines were being rolled out in 2021, companies like Google and Apple shifted from a fully remote to a hybrid work arrangement, which combines in-person and remote work.

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In 2022, more companies will follow suit after seeing the tangible benefits of having a flexible workforce. This trend will lead to the development and advancement of IT tools, systems, and features that support hybrid forms of team management and collaboration. For example, AI will be utilized to eliminate background noises, such as dogs barking, from video calls. Augmented reality will also be used to create more immersive online workplaces. Finally, there will be new security monitoring technologies and remote IT support offerings specifically designed for the hybrid workforce.

Increasing use of predictive analytics

In 2021, hospitals used machine learning algorithms to predict COVID-19 outbreaks and optimize their resources accordingly. This successful case study will inspire companies to leverage predictive analytics in 2022. Predictive analytics can potentially transform how businesses operate and make decisions, since it enables them to boost efficiency, better forecast demand, and quickly identify risk areas. Companies can also use this technology to predict industry trends, allowing them to better position themselves to become the “next big thing.”

Predictive analytics can potentially transform how businesses operate and make decisions, since it enables them to boost efficiency, better forecast demand, and quickly identify risk areas.

Moreover, predictive analytics will further power cybersecurity solutions by enabling these to quickly detect suspicious activities and unusual behavior, sounding the alarm for a potential cyber threat before an attack occurs.

The growing threat of deepfakes

As technology advances, the threat of deepfakes also increases. These are manipulated videos or audio recordings that look and sound like the original but are actually fake. They can be used to discredit people or to spread false information.

In 2022, we can expect to see more deepfakes being used for malicious purposes, such as blackmailing, sabotaging business deals, and launching smear campaigns. In response to such a threat, technology companies are expected to develop new technologies that can analyze the patterns of movement in humans’ faces and detect manipulated videos and audio files.

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