10 Predictions for IT Outsourcing & Management in 2015

In order to make sure that your business is fully prepared for the coming year, you will need a plan of action. Predictions about 2015, based on information from the past year (or longer), helps you create that plan. Taking into account these 10 predictions for the management and outsourcing of IT in the coming year can help you strategize in order to stay competitive and remain—or become—a leader in your industry.

  1. Customers will expect more from companies than ever before—including a sense of intuitiveness that businesses need to be ready for. They will expect you to know what they want before they do and deliver it to them. Outsourcing creativity can help businesses get the jumpstart they need to follow through on the ideas they are given.
  2. Customers will expect speed. The loading time for pages and delivery time for services will become even more competitive, pushing wait times down. Management of site speeds will be even more crucial to customer satisfaction.
  3. Businesses will spend more on securing their information. Due to loyalty-destroying information breaches in the recent past, businesses will try to bulk up their security. Outsourcing digital security support can be a risky venture, especially if the firm is not well-established and reputable.
  4. Customers will spend more on protecting their identities, reputation, and information. They will be more proactive in protecting the data that they entrust to businesses that they interact with regularly.
  5. There will be continued breaches of secured information. As solutions to security breaches evolve, so will the hackers trying to get access to secure data.
  6. As data becomes easier to disseminate, more people will begin offering various types of data to create revenue from their research.
  7. Cloud technology will solidify itself as a conventional preference. With more and more information and business activity becoming digital, this is a naturally good fit as a service.
  8. Social media will continue to evolve. Businesses would do well to stay involved and updated on various changes in protocols, policies, and user experiences related to social media sites.
  9. Businesses will further invest in contextual marketing for their customer base. Contextual marketing will help increase the rate of clicks on ads and the number of conversions for selling products and services to consumers.
  10. The distance between those leading digitally and those falling behind digitally will grow. Outsourcing support services can help businesses grow, but managing that outsourcing may take more resources than originally thought.

Having the information is one thing—turning it into action is another. When you are looking for trusted experts to help guide your business into the next New Year, contact us today and get your plan for next year’s growth under way!


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