Top Considerations for Office Relocations

Moving to a new office space is a tremendous undertaking for any company. It’s disruptive, expensive and time-consuming, but sometimes it’s an essential step forward for enabling a business to grow. However, the time and money involved in relocating aren’t the only considerations.

With careful planning on your side, you’ll be able to turn your new office space into the perfect asset for attracting the best clients and the recruiting the best staff. So, once you’ve decided where you’re going to move your operations, consider these key areas.

#1. Telephone & Internet Access

The ability to communicate efficiently and reliably is one of the driving factors for a company’s success, so you’ll want to get telephone and internet access lined up as soon as possible. As the lifeblood of modern business, you’ll want to focus on getting your network set up to enable email, VoIP telephony, and any other vital systems your business relies on.

Unless you’re moving to a different area of the country, your current provider should be able to assist you with the move. Nonetheless, it may still be wise to have an audit carried out in advance so you can evaluate your options and make the most suitable choices for the new place.

#2. Change of Address Notifications

Change of physical address notifications are critical for continuity’s sake. You’ll need to change your physical address on any online listings, such as those on Google My Business, Bing Business and Yelp.

You’ll also need to alert any service providers you use so that they can still send you important notifications by mail. After all, the potential for interruption is enormous if even just one of your vendors is unaware of your address change. Finally, you may also want to set up an intermediary service for your mail.

#3. Business Continuity Planning

Moving to a new location is inevitably going to be disruptive, and there’s bound to be a few problems settling in. Just like moving to a new house, moving to a new office requires careful planning, preferably several months in advance. Business continuity planning will help minimize the impact and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Think about moving your computing workloads and data to the cloud. Since these systems are delivered over the internet, you should be able to access them as soon as you’ve set up your network, all without having to worry about any additional configuration.

#4. Electrical Infrastructure

The simpler your network, the easier it will be to transfer all your equipment to a new office space. Before you move, you should have an inventory of your equipment as well as an overview of any additional hardware requirements you may have after moving, such as new network switches, server racks, UPS systems and mounting equipment for hardware.

You’ll also need to think about electrical wiring and cable management and the safety concerns that come with them. In many cases, moving involves changing the layout to better accommodate your individual requirements as well as ensuring wireless signals are strong enough throughout the premises.

Office relocations can be stressful. That’s why Spectrumwise offers the expertise and resources you need to have your new technology solutions up and running fast. We strive to make the transition as smooth as possible, so call us today if you’re thinking about taking your IT in a new direction.


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