How important is email filtering for your business?

Email is a fast and reliable form of communication that everyone can’t live without. We schedule our time and our priorities based on our emails. It helps businesses connect with customers, clients, partners, and co-workers. It stores and exchanges critical business data.

However, email can at times slow down your day and cause inefficiencies mainly because some email providers are notoriously terrible at filtering out unwanted messages.

Spam is a problem as old as email itself, but it has grown more dangerous over the last decades. Forgers and scammers can make a message to look as if it came from a bank by using images from a bank’s website. Hackers can pretend to be your coworker, spouse, or best friend, asking you to check your email calendar and gain access to your login and password. Fraudulent emails can also run a program on the receiver’s computer, potentially letting the hacker silently and invisibly take over your computer.

At best, spam is just a nuisance that lowers your productivity, and at worst, it’s a serious threat to your business’ network security. One way to avoid the stress and pains that come with the practicalities of email is to use email filtering for your entire organization.

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Learn more about value of email filtering to your organization.

1. Never miss important emails

Spam crowds your inboxes with unnecessary email, and important messages get lost in an inbox as a result. People also tend to delete important messages when they try to clean their inbox. It’s not just bothersome, but it also leads to inefficiencies in business operations as employees waste time with this clutter and try to find misplaced important emails. An email filtering service will sort the annoying spam out of your organization’s inboxes, optimize email communications, and highlight information vital to business operations.

2. Minimize distractions and increase team productivity

Like social media, promotional emails and other non-business messages can distract employees, reduce their productivity, and ultimately affect your bottom line. Or imagine having to sift through your inbox manually for spam and for important messages. This results in a massive waste of time and an decrease in focus and productivity. Dozens of spam can be sent to an inbox in a single day.

Providing an environment where team members can focus on their work is one of the key challenges of companies, and using the email filtering service of a managed services provider can greatly help.

3. Protect your business data from malware

Ransomware is one of those email-delivered malware that have become so popular of late. These malware hijack a business’ database, such as its website or customers’ data, by forcing companies to pay the ransom, which if unpaid could mean losing critical data. Sadly, there is really no guarantee of getting the data back even if a ransom is paid.

Having your customers’ data leaked could prove detrimental to your business, and companies that have experienced a breach know this too well. It could ruin your organization’s reputation and lead to poorly delivered healthcare, identity theft, and millions of dollars in fines and litigation.

The most effective way to deal with these messages with dangerous payloads is to stop them from getting into your inbox. The right email filtering service becomes a gatekeeper, as it will scan emails with malicious code and similar dangers before entering your organization’s inboxes, effectively blocking them.

Want to avoid the inefficiencies and dangers that result from poor email filtering? Be sure to contact Spectrumwise. Through efficient email filtering, we can help your company streamline communications and productivity, and decrease the stress of distracting and destructive spam. Our professional email filtering service will help your company create custom and secure filtering, so that only the messages vital to your business come through.

Unsure about how to secure your business email? Read our comprehensive blog, Spectrumwise’s Ultimate Guide to Email Security and eliminate your fears of costly security breaches.


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