Ways an MSP boosts overall productivity

A managed services provider (MSP) allows an enterprise to outsource the design and management of its IT systems, and receive ongoing technical support for upgrades and issues. They are particularly advantageous to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), owing to the affordable monthly fee that gives them access to cutting-edge technology and expert monitoring and maintenance.

SMBs clearly gain numerous benefits from working with an MSP, chief of which is better productivity. But that’s not all. Here are some specific ways an MSP boosts enterprise productivity.

Security and continuity

To keep enterprise systems stable or optimal, MSPs manage and monitor IT infrastructures to ensure business continuity, prevent cybersecurity incidents, and avoid system crashes. MSPs offer remote monitoring and management (RMM), patch management, malware protection, virtual private networks (VPNs), and disaster recovery (DR), which are all intended to protect an enterprise system, ensure operations run smoothly, and enhance productivity.


MSPs know that incorporating automation into businesses’ workflows enables employees to work more efficiently. One such automation tool is “self-healing,” a pre-configured automated response to service failures that is meant to draw the most effective performance out of devices in an enterprise IT infrastructure. This MSP solution automatically detects whether services have stopped, restarts the service, and automatically deploys software or a script configured to fix issues.

Adopting cloud-based applications and systems

Cloud services have been a game changer for many industries. According to a report by McAfee, the average organization now uses 1,935 cloud services. SMBs are no exception, as cloud applications are integrated into their existing systems to streamline operations and to boost their bottom lines.

Most SMBs, however, do not have the in-house expertise to support these applications, and transitioning into cloud-based systems may be too complex for them. MSPs can serve as strategic technology partners to help manage these applications effectively and efficiently, aimed at augmenting SMBs’ existing staff.

Streamlined interoperability and overall compatibility

IT departments are often charged with choosing and implementing new solutions from different vendors. For SMBs, this can lead to continuity issues stemming from incompatibilities between disparate solutions and systems. An MSP can help an SMB choose, understand, and optimize each solution to match the latter’s business needs and fit its overall infrastructure.

Leveraging IT innovations

Access to an MSP’s technology experience and expertise improves consulting over technology assessments, design, and project management. This includes consulting over innovations that accelerate productivity, such as automation and improved communication and collaboration.

With an MSP as a technology partner, your business can benefit from a strategically planned IT and you’ll be able to scale your IT resources up or down with ease. Strategic IT planning is necessary for business growth, but even more so for SMBs, because it allows them to focus on key business areas such as sales, marketing, inventory, and customer service.

Working with an MSP also ensures you won’t get stuck with outdated IT infrastructure, which often leads to security vulnerabilities, missed opportunities, and falling behind competitors. An MSP’s IT strategies take full advantage of the latest trends, products, and services in technology, which streamline operations and make IT systems more efficient.

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