5 Reasons Your Business Needs Virtualization

Businesses are under increasing pressure to modernize their information technology resources to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and negate the pressure on IT departments. You’ve probably heard about virtualization before as one of the key areas of business computing.

Why Every Business Needs Email Encryption

According to data released by Ponemon Institute in 2014, 60% of companies experienced at least one security breach within the preceding two years, with cases costing businesses an average of $201 per stolen record. Yet, despite these alarming statistics, many businesses still take their IT resources for granted, particularly when it comes to everyday systems such as email.

4 reasons you need a separate backup of your Office 365 and G Suite files

The business flexibility that Office 365 and G Suite provide is truly remarkable. They’re lifesaving solutions for employees who need to access, collaborate on, and share company files while they’re at work, at home, or on the go. And since data is stored in the cloud, employees no longer have to carry stacks of company documents wherever they go!

But as more businesses move to the these platforms, it’s important for them to acknowledge that some technology is imperfect (including Google’s and Microsoft’s) and that data is at risk if it's stored in only one location.

How small businesses benefit from Office 365

Many of us have used Microsoft Office in the workplace to make our lives easier. With its ability to create various types of business documents and marketing materials, it’s no wonder why business owners and employees rely on Office as a primary productivity tool to achieve their goals and get work done.

Is cloud computing right for your business?

Cloud computing. You may have heard of the term; after all, it’s been making waves in corporate circles for some time now. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have led the way and embraced cloud technology with open arms -- and now they’re reaping the rewards of early adoption.

Why managed services and why Spectrumwise

Technology is one of the most slippery variables of any small- to medium-sized business’s budget. It advances at a breakneck speed, and sometimes you feel as though you’re spending more time trying to get it working than you are doing business. Although hiring a full-time IT employee might seem like the quickest and cheapest way to overcome these hurdles, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

VoIP communications are here to stay

Everyone knows who Alexander Graham Bell is, but why don’t we teach our kids about Alon Cohen? We acknowledge how revolutionary the telephone was, but we also know a thing or two about technology new and old. In 1989, Mr. Cohen invented an audio transceiver that went on to become what we know today as voice over IP (VoIP). Fast forward 28 years to today and VoIP has got traditional phone systems on the ropes.