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Supporting Business Growth Through Strategic Planning, Expert Advice, and Custom Technology Solutions, Since 2001

SpectrumWise provides ongoing IT support, cybersecurity, and IT consulting services, keeping your technology at peak performance.

You don’t need to invest in the most advanced technology to stay ahead of the competition. Keeping your existing IT ecosystem at peak performance equally positions your business for long-term future success. With the right IT consulting partner, any business can benefit from streamlined technology procurement and management practices!

Since 2001, SpectrumWise has empowered businesses in Columbia, SC with niche expertise and efficient procedures to evolve with the modern business landscape. From secure applications to custom data storage and recovery solutions, you can trust in our ability to maximize your business growth.

SpectrumWise is an A+ Rated BBB accredited company in partnership with industry leaders, including Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. Our clients are 100% confident in our IT services across the spectrum.

Why Choose SpectrumWise?

  • Industry-forward approach – Stay ahead of the evolving modern business landscape with top-notch tech solutions.
  • Quick response time – Enjoy prompt response to critical IT issues and prevent the consequences of downtime.

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  • Strong cybersecurity stature – Reinforce your cybersecurity posture, policies, and practices with impenetrable cybersecurity controls.
  • Effective strategic IT planning – Align your technology with your business goals and get the most value for your investment. 
  • Non-stop onsite and remote support – We provide flexible Columbia IT support options for both on-site and remote infrastructure. Whether you have co-located, cloud-based, or on-site servers, we’ve got you covered!
  • Structured problem-solving – Leave no stone unturned, thanks to our comprehensive monitoring, threat detection, and assessment. 

SpectrumWise deploys tried and tested procedures enabling our IT experts are to fix, fix, and prevent recurring IT issues.

Your partner in technology and success.

We’re committed to the following values.


With SpectrumWise, you'll never have to track down your IT guy again; our service plans give you an entire team of technicians that are always there for you.


Our team of technicians are industry experts with proven track records of helping businesses succeed, and our contracts are transparent and flexible.


Rather than billing you for each service hour spent fixing problems, we prevent them from occurring in the first place, and we charge a flat fee for doing it that includes any additional needed service hours.

Smooth Transition

We’ll have your new technology solution up and running fast — and we’ll keep it running smoothly — so your business is never interrupted by IT problems.

Proactive Care

Instead of waiting for your technology to break to make repairs, spectrumwise stops small issues before they affect your business, and we monitor your network remotely.

Rapid Support

In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your computers, our reliable help desk team will be there to fix it as soon as possible, remotely or on site, so you can get back to business fast.

Simplified Budgeting

Our flat-rate support plans mean no more budgeting surprises from IT guys that spend countless hours “fixing” your computer problems to get more money out of your company.

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t require any long-term contracts, so you’re free to start or stop your service with us at any time, because we’re confident that once you start, you’ll want to stick around.

Customer Service

Our customers love to brag about the quality of our work and customer service. Testimonials and customer references are available upon request, just give us a call at 704-286-9714 for your copy!

Partners & Certifications

When you partner with SpectrumWise, you gain the confidence of working with a company that’s backed by world-renowned leaders in technology and products. We hold numerous partnerships and certifications with the following companies:

SpectrumWise’s Managed IT Services Columbia

Business Continuity Planning

Risk assessment and mitigation play a central role in the restoration of normalcy after unforeseen emergencies. On average it takes a couple of hours to days for businesses to resume normal activity after an emergency. At SpectrumWise, our proven 3-step business continuity planning process is set to help your business recover from unplanned disasters faster.

The core steps in our strategy highlight immediate response plans for an emergency, effective incident management policies, and quick recovery procedures. Our professional and responsive team will spring into action to bring business operations back up, preventing downtime.


  • Revenue loss prevention
  • Accurate hazard identification and risk evaluation
  • In-depth analysis and evaluation of the causes of downtime
  • Better preparedness for unforeseen business disruption
  • A multi-step recovery procedure to resume normal operations faster

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Fixing servers by an IT professional


New business technology has ushered in a new wave of cybersecurity attacks targeting small and mid-sized businesses. Our cybersecurity specialists are conversant with the tactics malicious threat actors use to penetrate poorly guarded systems. As such, we deploy advanced network monitoring technologies that run 24/7, identifying and tracking potential threats.

Protect your business data from loss or theft and avoid legal fines with SpectrumWise cybersecurity solutions. Our security-first IT security specialists will proactively monitor your networks, scan for threats, and train your employees to close all loops that malicious threat actors target in your business.


  • Thorough cybersecurity evaluation and assessment
  • 24-hour network monitoring and protection
  • Accurate and timely risk detection with detailed reporting
  • Compliance with strict industry data protection laws and standards
  • Minimized risks and liabilities with advanced cybersecurity protocols
  • Advanced firewalls, multi-factor authentication (MFA), DNS filtering and anti-malware

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Security Awareness Training

Tap into SpectrumWise’s vast collection of security awareness training programs and resources for your employees. No matter how advanced your cybersecurity measures are against cyber threats, they accomplish little when your employees don’t have sufficient training in identifying and reporting potential threats.

At SpectrumWise, we administer innovative training initiatives (ranging from interactive training modules and videos to informative newsletters) that help prepare your employees for the rapidly evolving wave of security threats.


  • Minimized employee risk
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Access to unlimited employee security awareness training resources
  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency
  • Cost savings on would-be incident response, data recovery, and legal implications

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Strategic IT Consulting

Get the most out of your business tech resources with unbiased tech advice and recommendations from your dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer. Our IT consulting specialists strive hard to understand your business needs, and design, and implement solutions customized to meet these needs. 

We understand that while new technologies emerge all the time, it can be quite difficult to select the best solutions that match your needs and budget. As such, we assign a dedicated vCIO whose primary objective is to evaluate and understand your technology gaps and devise worthwhile solutions. 


  • Proven IT strategy
  • Accelerated business growth with reduced business costs
  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment of your business challenges
  • Predictable business costs with a fixed monthly rate
  • Custom IT resources recommendations based on your needs

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Data Backup and Recovery Planning - Build Your Business For Resilience

The effects of unexpected data loss can be devastating, especially to small businesses with limited cybersecurity measures in place. In an ever-complex business landscape where data is the most vital resource, you need reliable data backup and recovery planning solutions from your trusted Columbia managed IT services provider. 

And that’s where we come in. SpectrumWise helps you navigate the ever-evolving business landscape with ease by creating and implementing a comprehensive IT strategy that’s tied to your goals. Regularly updated data backups and recovery systems are part of that strategy. 


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Expedited recovery time
  • Increased mobility with scalable resources on the go
  • Easy data recovery with regularly updated and automated backup systems



Managed IT services give you more productivity, for less money
…If you’re ready


Your ideal IT consulting services provider should be security-first. At the very least, they should implement strict data security measures every step of the way. Your ideal IT consulting service provider should also be scalable to adjust easily to your growing business needs.

IT consulting is vital for your business. Regardless of the business's size, IT consultants are able to create customized IT strategies, recommend the best tech solutions, and optimize strategies for implementation with cost efficiency in mind.

SpectrumWise designs and implements tried and tested IT practices that take you a step closer to your business objectives. Our IT specialists will evaluate your current situation and find the best solutions based on your needs and budget.

The scope of an IT consulting service depends on the company. At SpectrumWise, we provide training and support, security and risk management, strategic planning, as well as project management and advisory services.

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